Monell Auditorium

The Monell Auditorium is a facility which seats 180 people and has access to five handicapped places. It also has the capability of accommodating the hearing impaired. The upper and lower lobbies adjoining the auditorium can be used for receptions and cocktail parties. There is a full kitchen off the lower lobby that has been set up to meet catering requirements. Please remember that these areas sit in the middle of office space. Noise level should be kept to an acceptable level especially when using public areas for breaks.

The space is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Plan ahead for major events.

To ensure that the auditorium and the audio/visual equipment are well maintained, certain rules need to be followed. The projection booth is kept locked when the auditorium is not in use. Only qualified technicians are allowed into this room. The onstage podium must never be moved. There is a wiring system that goes from the podium to connections in the floor. Even moving the podium the slightest bit can mean distorted or no projection capabilities. The auditorium itself is a food-free environment. Please do not bring any food or drinks into the room. The whole Monell Building is smoke-free so obviously there is no smoking in either the auditorium or the lobbies.

There is a customary  three day lead-time in booking the auditorium. When booking, you must indicate what your audio/visual needs will be. Failure to do this could result in the equipment not being set up for your meeting and/or a technician not being available to run it for you.

Audio/Visual Equipment

The Audio/visual equipment includes:

  • slide projectors
  • overhead projectors
  • visual viewer
  • video recorder and player
  • DVD player
  • Windows 98 for PowerPoint presentations
  • video conferencing system
  • hook up for laptop computer display
  • internet accessibility

It also has a public address system which has available:

  • wireless, podium, lavaliere, and table microphones

This equipment can only be run by a trained, qualified technician.

Use of the Upper and/or Lower Lobby

We reserve the right to charge a clean up fee of $200.00 for use of the lobbies during off hours. If special clean up such as shampooing rugs is necessary (i.e., because of food spills), this charge will be borne by the user whether during regular working or off hours.

A/V Support
Lamont personnel will be responsible for technical support for use of the auditorium for single day meetings lasting no longer than 3 hours, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. There is no charge for this service. For conferences lasting longer than 3 hours or for any off time use of the a/v equipment, an external technician must be hired.


If further assistance is needed in booking the Monell Auditorium for your event, contact:

Pat Ables --Facilities
extension 8864