Public Access Seminar Rooms

The rooms listed below are those that are considered to be community rooms. They are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. During the Fall and Spring semesters they are also used for classrooms, so scheduling can become tight. If using either teleconferencing or PowerPoint equipment, where these capabilities are available, advance notice is required so that a trained technician may assist you if needed in setting up your presentation. Please remember that many of these rooms sit in the middle of office space. Noise level should be kept to an acceptable level especially when using public areas for breaks.


The Seismology Seminar Room is located on the second floor of the Marine Biology/Seismology Building. It has seating for 40 people seminar style. It is not handicapped accessible. Drink and food set ups are not allowed in the seminar room. If you wish to have refreshments, they will be set up in the Seismology kitchen. Food and drink may be taken into the seminar room. Please keep both away from the computers. The seminar room has the following audio/visual equipment:

  • connection in middle of room for laptop projection
  • wide screen
  • PowerPoint presentation capability
  • 1 Sun workstation set up to run Netscape
  • 2 regular slide projectors
  • 2 long throw slide projectors
  • 2 overhead projectors
  • LCD projector
  • internet accessibility

It is the perfect room for meetings of intermediate size.

Lamont Hall

The Joseph Worzel Seminar Room is located in what was the living room of the old Lamont estate. It has seating for 100 people seminar style. It is not truly handicapped accessible but wheelchairs can be maneuvered down a slate pathway and over a couple of small steps to reach the room. Lamont Hall has the following audio/visual equipment:

  • blackboard
  • internet accessibility
  • 1 screen wall mounted

The room is the perfect  for the more relaxed seminar or meeting that does not need state-of-the art audio/visual equipment.

Library Reading Room

This room is also located in Lamont Hall. This is a conference room which can hold approx 10-12 people. This room has no av or telephone. It is an integral part of the library and is used by its patrons and staff on a regular daily basis so you must book this room in advance.

Please contact Pat Temple at ext 8842 to book this room.

All the above rooms must be booked in advance of use. 

Failure to book these rooms through proper channels could result in you being asked to vacate the room if there is another function that has been properly scheduled for the same time.

For further information, please contact:

Patricia Temple