Admin Vacation Email Setup

Users on the "new" mail server  will need to use Ingo (similar to the CUIT systems) to either forward your mail, OR to set up a vacation message.

This change was activated on Tuesday, October 18, 7:00 - 7:30 PM.  

In order to set up a vacation message, or forward your emails after the above date, you MUST use the following procedure on the web.  You can NOT use the vacation command or edit your  ~/.forward file anymore.

1. Login to Ingo: ( "New ** Lamont IMAP Server", your Username, Password, and click "Login").  We suggest you bookmark this link now,  or if you forget, you can get to the same place by going to the main page, and clicking on "Filters".

2. For vacation message, click on "Vacation" under the "Edit Rules" section on the top left corner of the page.  Then, enter the required info for your vacation, the way you want it, and click "Save and Enable" and "Log out".

3. For mail forwarding, click the "New Rule" pink button.

     Don't change "Select a field" (so everything always matches). In "Do this:" select "Redirect to:" and put in your forwarding address (e.g.,

     Click "Save" and  "Log out"