Subcontract Proposal Procedure


A subcontract is the proper document to be used whenever any portion of research from an award is proposed to be performed by another institution, organization or outside company. It is a formal arrangement that is subject to the terms and conditions of the prime award.

LDEO Proposal to Issue a Subcontract
If the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) proposal is to include a subcontract, the Principal Investigator should obtain three bids or justify a sole source choice. The prospective subcontract recipient should submit the following items to be included in the LDEO proposal:
1.     A cover page, signed by the PI and LDEO officials
2.     A statement of work
3.     Budget and justification
4.     CV for each subrecipient PI
5.     A debarment form, standard certification, and copy of the subrecipient's indirect cost rate agreement
6.     Form 3B Subcontract contact sheet
7.     For NSF Proposals, an NSF Certification Form
8.   W-9 (non-foreign) or W-8 (foreign) Form.
9.  NIH Proposals - Sub-awardee Financial COI Policy Confirmation Form
10. Subrecipient Contractor Classification Form
The total amount of the subcontract should be listed under the Other Direct Cost category of the LDEO PI’s budget.
The LDEO PI must complete a Basis of Selection of Subcontractor form available in the LDEO Office of Contracts and Grants. This form is not included in the body of the LDEO proposal. The original form should accompany the LDEO proposal package.
If the proposal is funded, the Columbia University Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) will prepare and issue a subcontract accordingly.
LDEO Proposal Requesting a Subcontract
To request a subcontract from another institution, organization or company the LDEO Investigator should prepare a subcontract proposal consisting of the following:
1.     Cover (Signed by PI)
2.     Statement of work
3.     Budget with full LDEO indirect costs
4.     Budget justification
5.     CV of each subcontractor PI
6.     PropTrak
7.   ICR rate agreement
8.  For NSF proposals - NSF Certification Form.
The LDEO PI processes the subcontract proposal through the usual LDEO/SPA channels. Sufficient lead time should be allowed for the LDEO proposal to reach the other institution, organization or company for inclusion in their proposal if a deadline is involved. If funded, a subcontract award will be issued to Columbia University/LDEO.