All of our Buildings have a Ricoh copier with most buildings having two to service the various departments on seperate floors. All copiers are leased.

All service calls, paper orders, and supplies for these machines should be placed through Patricia Temple at ext 8842. Please do not order toner from Staples etc as toner is part of our contract.

All paper needed for printers or fax machines and any other paper product (i. e., color paper, labels, laser paper, transparencies, tractor feed) must be obtained or ordered from the Purchasing Office or Staples online.

Paper is bought on the best price for the best quality that works well in the copying machines.

To order paper for the copy machines, please use the Web form, or email Traffic  will continue to hold the stock and make the deliveries of the paper.

You do not need an account number for ordering copier paper for  copiers.