Custodial Services

Custodial Services is overseen by the Safety and Security offices.

Trash & Recycling

All office trash bins (should not contain any food items) and office recyclables (paper only - cardboard okay, but not if it has had food on it) are picked up once per week.  Building schedule is posted throughout all buildings.    The cleaners are not permitted to enter Labs so you must place your Lab trash bins outside of the door.

Clean  cans, bottles, and plastic containers (water bottles, soda cans, etc,; plastic take-out-style containers are okay if they have been washed; everything that used to have food in it has to be washed/rinsed out!) must be placed in the green (recycling) bins located in hallways and kitchen areas.

All food items are to be placed in the trash containers located in the hallways.


  • Paper coffee cups – TRASH
  • Styrofoam cups/containers – TRASH (even if they have a “recycle” symbol, still trash)
  • Plastic cups – TRASH
  • Plastic utensils – TRASH
  • Food items - TRASH

Note: Other items placed out in the hallways will not be removed unless directed.  Please place a note on any such items "Trash" if you would like for it to be disposed.  Items for disposal bearing a CUID Property Tag need to be approved for disposal by the Inventory Asset Coordinator, Lisa Connelly,

Vacuuming & Cleaning

All offices are vacuumed once per month.  For Special cleaning of Labs, cleaning requests or concerns such as a spilled cup of coffee, email:


Manager: Howie Matza
Telephone: (845) 365-8822
FAX: (845) 365-8101

Joshua Davenport
Night Supervisor (Custodial & Security)
FAX: (845)365-8101

Wanda Espinal
Telephone: (845)365-8990
Fax: (845)365-8101