Asset Management


The LDEO asset management office is responsible for all moveable capital equipment and the tagging of this equipment.

Capital equipment is any piece of equipment which has a value of at least $5000.00. If you are expecting delivery of such equipment please contact Lisa so she can tag and document the location. All capital equipment movement must be reported to Lisa as soon as possible so she may record where it is going and/or if it is being removed from inventory.

Moving/Removing Capital Equipment:

If your equipment is going into the field please locate the CU ID tag to record and email the number to Lisa with the location of where the equipment is going and when you would expect it back.

If your capital equipment is being shipped directly to the field please contact Lisa with the location of the receiver and if you expect the equipment back.

If you are removing/disposing capital equipment from inventory please locate the CU ID tag  to record the number and email it to Lisa with a description and location. You must wait to receive the authorization to dispose of any capital equipment. 

Please contact the safety office for procedures regarding Lab equipment and Hazardous materials to be disposed of.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Columbia University



Lisa Connolly
Purchasing/Inventory Asset Coordinator
Telephone: 845-365-8437