Closing Policy


During the winter season, on extremely rare occasions, weather conditions may require that the Campus be closed. The motivation for this closing will be the safety of employees. The decision will be made based upon knowledge of road conditions within the immediate commuting area for the majority of Lamont employees.   When the Campus is closed access to buildings and facilities will not be denied, but support services (e.g. cafeteria or other administrative services) will not be available and for safety reasons, all employees are advised not to come to work.

For your information, the process by which this decision will be made is as follows:


  • The Assistant Director of Facilities & Engineering (or in his/her absence the Safety/Security Manager) makes a recommendation to the Director of LDEO, supported by information gathered from weather reports, listening to police scanners, school closing/delayed openings announcements, personal observations including those of the Facilities Manager and/or other personnel located throughout the commuting area.   As appropriate this dialog may begin the evening before a projected storm.
  • Before 7:00 AM the Director or his designee will finalize the decision, and inform the Safety/Security Manager.  Employees will then be notified of a closing or delayed opening via the emergency notification system. 


Employees can also call the main campus telephone number (845-359-2900) for information concerning closings or delayed openings.

If weather conditions deteriorate during the working day, the Assistant Director of Facilities & Engineering will make a recommendation to the Director's office regarding early closing.   The decision will be made by the Director or his designated alternate.


If the decision is made to close the Campus, the Security Office will issue an emergency notification system communique and notify the security guard.