Shipping and Receiving

Shipping and Receiving (The Traffic Office) covers all incoming or outgoing shipments other than express. The Traffic Office handles international and domestic shipments to any point on the globe. It is important to note, when planning or travelling with, relocating or shipping "Export Controlled" equipment, advanced notification is required to ensure compliance with government regulations.  If you have any customs questions, rate request, or any question involving Shipping and Receiving, please call Bob Daly.


All Federal, State and Local regulations must be followed when transporting hazardous materials (including chemicals, radioactive material, or any such waste). If you will be mailing (UPS/FED EX) hazardous materials out into the field, the LDEO Shipping department must be contacted to ensure that these items are properly transported.

NOTE: You should not transport hazardous materials in your personal vehicles as there are strict regulations restriciting this practice.

In addition, if you will be generating any hazardous waste (chemical or radioactive) off campus, the LDEO Safety office needs to be notified well in advance of your departure so that we can coordinate with you  and Columbia's EHS office to arrange for proper waste disposal.  Hazardous waste cannot be shipped back to LDEO.

Note: Disposal cost for hazardous waste generated in the field may be the responsibility of the PI and would need to be included in your budget


Robert Daly
Asst Manager of Facilities
Traffic & Emergency Operations
Telephone: (845) 365-8718
Fax: (845) 365-8161

Patricia Ables
Administrative Asst
Telephone: (845)365-8864

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Traffic Office
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