The Traffic Office operates the recycling program at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO). Occupied areas have been given Blue containers for paper and Green containers for glass, cans and plastic that are imprinted with WE RECYCLE.

Paper is to be placed in BLUE CONTAINERS only.

GREEN CONTAINERS are for all soda cans, glass and plastic bottles and empty aerosol cans.  Please make sure your cans and bottles are empty and rinsed before disposal.  All aerosol cans are to be empty.  If not empty, email for pickup.

What to Recycle in Rockland:

To request containers for your area, please email Traffic.

In the Cafeteria you should use the properly labeled containers which do require separation of products.

If you have larger bulk recycling please call the Traffic Office for a pick-up.

Cardboard can continue to be left in the areas already designated in some buildings.

Please do not bring items from home for recycling. Please do not drop items at the Shipping dock for recycling. There have been occasions when we cannot identify what has been left. The Instrument Lab does have the ability to recycle oil. Please contact them if you have oil to be disposed of. Do not just leave it. It is important that we all protect LDEO from potential fines by not introducing unknown items into our recycling or waste stream. Please help us. If you have any questions on what we can handle, please contact Bob Daly.

Disposal of waste chemicals must be coordinated through the Safety Office.