Research Staff Officers


Initiating a Reclassification Request:

A request for position reclassification for Staff and Senior Staff Associate must be initiated by the immediate Supervisor through the LDEO Human Resources Office. This also applies to reclassifications from Biweekly Support Staff, i.e. Senior Research Staff Assistant, to Staff Associate. These requests may be initiated any time after 6 months of employment in any given position, if the supervisor believes the position has increased in duties and requirements.

As with the creation of new positions, reclassification requests are evaluated through Columbia University Office of the Provost and, if approved, classified and graded in the context of all related University positions. The following lists the LDEO and Provostial requirements for requesting review of an existing staff officer position.

(NOTE all required forms and job descriptions can be obtained from LDEO Human Resources)

1)Supervisor completes a new Job Description * and attaches a copy of the current active Job Description along with a memo requesting a reclassification review with rationale and proposed salary. A current CV of incumbent should be included. (*in many cases drafts can be sent to LDEOHR electronically for review/assistance prior to final submission.). Completed signed documents are then sent to the LDEO HR Manager for authorization and processing.


2) Required University Minimum Qualifications:

Staff Associate (appointment)

Minimum Qualifications: B.S. or B.A. or professional degree and at least four years experience/ M.S. or M.A. plus two

Senior Staff Associate (appointment)

Minimum Qualifications: B.S. or B.A. or professional degree and at least eight years experience/ M.S. or M.A. plus four.

Job specific information: (LDEOHR will advise)

3) Requesting Department/Supervisor Provides:


a) a current organizational chart, if available, or list showing the titles, grades and reporting relationship of staff. (if unavailable, LDEOHR can provide generic organizational charts or division lists for this scope data)

LDEOHR Prepares:

b) Officer questionnaire, Appendix A, for the Provost's Office, based on memo and position description

4) Countersignature of approval from the appropriate senior manager* on the requesting memo and approval of the proposed Reclassified Job Description (*i.e. Vice President, Director or Associate Director, Department Head, or designated representative).

5) All approved materials returned in hard copy or electronically to LDEOHR.

Once a reclassification request has Provostial approval through the University, the LDEO Human Resources Manager will authorize necessary status changes to confirm title, salary and starting date, in consultation with the initiating supervisor.



Please allow for 2-3 weeks lead time prior to intended implementation in order to complete the reclassification evaluation and approval. (NOTE: if found to be appropriately classified, no change will be recommended)


updated 11/2005