Officers of Administration

Below is the required review and reporting procedure followed by the LDEO Personnel Office for completion of all departmental Officer of Administration searches. It ensures compliance with University EEO/AA guidelines:

University Search Report for Officers of Administration

Administrative Monitoring Committee:

As part of the commitment to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action, the University has established an Affirmative Action Administrative Monitoring Committee. The Committee is an autonomous group of Officers selected from throughout the University. The Committee reviews the recruitment, search and selection of all candidates for Officer level positions at Morningside, Health Sciences, Lamont-Doherty and Nevis campuses, as well as the Harlem Hospital Center. In its review the Committee ensures that established procedures were followed and that the requirements stated in the job requisition and posting have been met by the selectee and that all "special status" applicants (e.g. women and minorities) have been given fair consideration. No offer of employment may be made for an administrative position without the prior review of the Monitoring Committee.

Administrative Monitoring Committee Forms:

For the Committee, the hiring unit must prepare three forms:

Form I-Position/Applicant Report

This form serves as a cover sheet, requests general position information, a check off of the folder contents that are required, the total numbers of applications received and applicants interviewed, and summary data on all applicants who met or exceeded the minimum qualifications. The summary data must be taken directly from the Applicant Pool Report. For each row of the table, list the number of applicants that fits the classification for each column, i.e. by sex, ethnicity, special status.
Form II-Most Qualified Applicants Report

This form requests the reasons for the selection/non-selection of all the Most Qualified Applicants (M) and the Selectee (S)
Form III-Special Status Applicants Report

This form requests the reasons for the selection/non-selection of the two or three most competitive applicants in each of the special status classifications.

A complete folder includes: Forms I,II,III
the Personnel Requisition Form
Posted Advertisement
copies of Media Advertisements (when applicable)
Resume of Selectee

In addition, all applicant resumes/applications must be provided even those who neither met or exceeded the minimum qualifications or were interviewed.


In addition to women, the following have special status under Federal Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action legislation; Minority: any person having racial or ethnic origins defined by one of the following categories:

Asian/Pacific Islander
American Indian/Alaskan Native
East Indian
Special Status: Persons with Disabilities
Disabled Veterans
Vietnam era Veterans

Also to be noted: Internal applicants and Employees on Layoff.