Recruitment Guide

  1. After posting/advertising, the first step is to separate all candidates who meet the minimum qualifications, as advertised.
  2. Within this group, select for interview those whose background most closely fits the requirements and duties of the job. Every effort should be made to interview internal, handicapped, minorities, women and veterans from these groups who meet minimum qualifications.*

    If it is evident on the resume, LDEO Human Resources will assist in identifying special status applicants in the initial screening and indicate this information to recruiters. If you have any questions as you review, the HR Manager and staff will assist.

    Recommended minimum number is 3-5 interviews**, depending upon the pool size. If pool shows not enough qualified candidates to make a selection, we would expand the search with additional advertising.

  3. Once the first round of interviews takes place and a finalist (s) is identified, then LDEO Human Resources will conduct employment reference checks. This can be ongoing simultaneously with interviewing in order to expedite the process.
  4. Once a selectee is identified, then the HR Manager must approve the salary to be offered. LDEOHR will make the offer and do confirmation letters, as necessary. Officers will be told at that time that the appointment will become effective upon receipt of Affirmative Action Authorization***by Columbia. This involves a review of all applicant resumes by the EEO/AA Committee as well as preparation of required documents provided by LDEOHR. The Committee meets weekly and there should be no delay once clearance is given.
  5. In order for LDEOHR to complete the required EEO/AA documents, the reasons for selection or non-selection must be provided in detail of all candidates interviewed and all qualified applicants identified for special recruitment. This need not be lengthy, just a few words describing job related strengths and/or weaknesses which will be included for the EEO/AA Committee evaluate. If a candidate refuses an offer, or withdraws, reason for refusal/withdrawal is expected to be provided, if known.

Recruitment function of the Human Resources Office:

The LDEOHR Office will assist individuals or committees with initial screening, reference checks, interview scheduling****and direct job offers.

The LDEOHR Office MUST process any Job Description update, Posting, Advertising (including electronic), EO/AA Clearance, Salary and Appointment, as well as any special handling, such as internal transfers, expanded searches, Alien clearances, etc. Human Resources also is required to keep recruitment records for several years to comply with Federal guidelines. Questions during recruitment and after completion go to the HR Manager.

*LDEOHR will alert you of underutuilized positions identified for special recruitment

**For large searches, particularly at the officer levels but also appropriate for some staff openings, a search committee should be formed to interview the 3-5 or more qualified candidates and to forward the finalist (s) for second round interviews/selection by the immediate supervisor, PI, etc. This can prove time saving in the long run and Human Resources will provide search materials, schedule interviews during a specific block of time and coordinate with all participants.

***The purpose of this review, is to verify that all applicants were treated with equal

consideration under the law, based upon qualifications for the position as advertised.

****includes telephone interviews for candidates applying from out of state.