University Title Changes


All position additions or changes require evaluation and approval first by the supervisor at the Lamont campus department and depending on the position, the Office of Compensation, Department of Human Resources or the Provost's Office at Columbia University. 

A position review is many faceted not title alone. Position duties and requirements are evaluated for appropriate grade and salary with comparable positions that exist at the University (see Reclassification Procedures) . Individual offices may not proliferate different titles which may duplicate existing positions.

The LDEO Human Resources Office must provide the University a complete rationale for creating or changing positions. If the duties show that the job requirements are similar to another position which is already created in the table, then we will be required to use the existing title, as well as grade and comparable salary for the duties performed. Also, candidate qualifications must comply with University designated qualifications.

Position review is a matter of equal pay for equal work matching required qualifications with job requisites. Job equity influences both current and future recruitment and ensures compliance with federal employment regulations.

Once evaluated and approved by the University, a new title code is assigned or reclassification upheld, and the LDEO Human Resources Office will proceed with changes in accordance with the usual posting or reclassification procedures.