Sick Leave for Support Staff


Hire Date prior to 10-21-94:

"Support staff employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement and hired prior to October 21, 1994, you will have sick leave benefits as follows:*


Length of Employment Number of Days per Year

Between 01 and 60 calendar days: NONE

Between 60 calendar days and 1 year: 7 days

Between 01 year and 3 years: 10 days

Between 03 years and 5 years: 15 days

Between 0 years and 10 years: 20 days

Between 10 years and 15 years: 25 days

More than 15 years: 30 days


*As of 10-01-01 this group was allowed to carry over sick days from year to year to a maximum of 60 days

Hire Date on or after 10-21-94:

If you were hired on or after October 21, 1994, once you complete 30 days of employment you will earn one day of sick leave for each month of employment, retroactive to your date of hire, up to a maximum of 12 days a year. 

After one or more years of employment with the University, you will be entitled to 12 additional days of sick leave at the beginning of each subsequent year on your anniversary date. Unused sick leave can accumulate up to a maximum of 60 working days, including the days earned or to be earned in the current sick leave year."