Look up account detail within the Chart of Accounts in the ARC Portal. Under Reporting Quick Links, select the Pre-defined Queries and go to the ARC Query Viewer Interface. Run the query:


There is the option to input the dept number or do advanced Lookup to find the dept number. Must use EIL in front of the department.

Yes, as long as the information is updated there is no need to recreate the spreadsheet from a blank page.  Extra care should be given to delete projects that have ended in a previous year.
Edie Miller, Assistant Director of Finance & Administration, will forward the fringe and overhead guidelines every December when issued by the Columbia University Office of Management and Budget or the Earth Institute. Department administrators can obtain a current copy by contacting the Financial Analyst.
The overhead rate used for each award can be found on the Project Information Notification (PIN) for your award and should also be specified in the terms and conditions for the award. Further questions about your specifc award overhead rate may be directed to your contact in Grants and Contracts.
Only graduate students paid through a division’s grants should be budgeted. Students paid through the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (DEES) should not be budgeted on LDEO grant accounts. If you are unsure if a student is going to be paid by Division project, funds please leave them out of your projection.
A review is needed to plan for unfunded expenses and planned expenses should not be automatically applied to grants. Please contact the Finance Office for further information.