Office Supplies


Columbia’s vendor for office supplies is Corporate Express. The contract between the University and Corporate Express covers a range of supplies and products for office use, including:
  • General office products
  • Toner and data center products
  • Janitorial products (non-industrial)
  • Break room products: e.g., paper goods, plastic serviceware, cleaning sprays.

For Institutional purchases, you must obtain a user ID and password by going to On that page, click the “Request a User ID” button and complete and submit the form that comes up. 

Pricing Description:
All core list (frequently ordered) items and the majority of other items are priced at a discount of 70% or more, relative to the manufacturer's recommend retail price reflected in most office supply catalogs. In general, core list and Corporate Express brand items are the most aggressively discounted, with still significant but smaller discounts for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products and office appliances. The same institutional pricing is available to Columbia faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Corporate Express requires a minimum Purchase Order of $35, so we recommend that if your order total is lower than that amount that you place an order at the same time with coworkers.
A searchable, online catalog of all products is available on line to all enrolled users of Corporate Express E-Way, the Corporate Express website for the University. Online orders placed via Corporate Express E-Way are limited to $2,500  The Purchasing Department is working with Corporate Express to establish a personal purchase website. The site will be posted in this location once it is available. Those not yet enrolled in E-Way, however, may access the catalog electronically for viewing only purposes at the following link, using the generic logon ID and password listed below:
ID: cuoffice
Password: supplies (Note: use upper or lower case characters only)
A printed catalog is also available from Corporate Express as a stock item; however,it does not reflect the Columbia discount. Our sales representative’s name is Lisa McCool.
There is no charge for shipping institutional purchases; shipping charges will apply for personal purchases. Institutional deliveries will be made to any specified University location.
Catalog items ordered and approved online by 4:30 p.m. will be scheduled for next business day delivery to the LDEO Traffic Department.
Returns may be requested on-line by enrolled users of E-way. You may also contact a Corporate Express Customer Service Representative at 1-800-328-9555 to request a return by phone. When doing so, please provide the information below to the representative:
  • The order number
  • Your customer account number
  • The reason why you are returning the product
  • The items you will be returning
  • Your office contact information
A Return Authorization number will be provided for each return request. Your return will be picked up within 1-3 business days and credited via the automatic billing process.