After Hours Deliveries

Vendors have sometimes delivered material to the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) either before or after normal working hours. In some cases, valuable or temperature sensitive materials have been left unattended on the loading dock. The potential problems (horrors) are obvious.
The Purchasing Office is advising our vendors that the Traffic Office is only open 9am-5pm. The security service has been told to not receive any material after hours except when they have been notified to expect a delivery. There are legitimate times when something must be received in the evening or on weekends to enable the staff to continue their efforts. In no way do we wish to disrupt this, but we also do not wish to have material missing or damaged on the loading dock. We ask that you do three things if an after hours delivery is required:
  • Notify the Security office via e-mail at during business hours that something will be arriving for you with shipper and source if possible..
  • Remember that the guard house is small and any large items may have to sit out in the weather.
  • You should call the guard house (845-365-8370)if it is after hours or on a weekend to notify of delivery.  However, you must be available to pick up the item within a few hours of delivery. Items cannot be held overnight in the guard house.  If you cannot pick up the item within a few hours, you will need to re schedule delivery.
We appreciate your cooperation.