Parking/Visitor Policy

Purpose of Policy
It is essential that we maintain adequate parking for the convenience of our employees and authorized visitors. We need to limit the construction of parking facilities to conserve our natural and financial resources. Parking on campus must be maintained in a considerate and safe manner, providing access to buildings for emergency services and deliveries.  Please refrain from idling your vehicle for prolonged periods.  Rockland County regulations prohibit idling vehicles for over 3 minutes. 

Access to Lamont
Access to Lamont is controlled by both a gate and a guard. During the weekday morning rush hour the gate may be left open to expedite traffic. The guard will look for a Lamont  parking   decal  on the windshield of an approaching vehicle. All Lamont employees driving personal vehicles to work must obtain an LDEO parking decal and parking tag ($25.00 refundable deposit required) from the LDEO Security office, Administration building, room 101.   If there is no decal you will be stopped and asked to identify yourself and your purpose on campus. At other times the gate will be closed. (Lamont employees are issued a gate control radio tag to automatically open the gate). If you do not have a tag, you will have to identify yourself to the guard before the gate will be opened. Any change in vehicle registration or ownership must be communicated to the Security office.

A guest list will be prepared for the guard’s use at the gate. Send an email to Security  ( )  stating the name of the visitor,manner by which  visitor is to arrive - personal car, limo or hotel van, who they are here to visit, which building they should be directed to, and duration of visit in order to have the visitor’s name added to the guest list.  Note: Visitor request should be sent minimally 2 hours in advance; visitor requests after 5 PM must be made directly to the Guard Booth by calling 8370 from any campus phone.  If you are having a visitor on the weekend you must email the above visitor email address by noon on the Friday of the scheduled weekend as this email address is not monitored during weekends for weekend visitors.  Please keep in mind that all buildings are locked, therefore, you will need to make arrangements for entry.  The guard will gladly call you on your cell or office extension to notify you of the arrival of your visitor. There is no need to notify Security of daytime deliveries to the Shipping & Receiving Dept., but Security must be notified of after hour visitors and all service calls or other deliveres (not going to Shipping & Receiving) with a telephone number to be contacted when the visitor or delivery arrives.

Events - Meetings

An Event Form is to be completed by the LDEO Host for any internally hosted event (e.g seminar, workshop, campus tour or conference) one week prior to the event.
Please fill out the form, save the form and then email to which will notify the LDEO Security office and Traffic Office of the logistics for your event.


Daily Parking
Parking on campus is for the convenience of Lamont employees and authorized visitors. When parking on campus, only clearly delineated parking spaces must be used. Fire hydrants and Fire Lanes adjacent to buildings must be kept clear, and all roads must be kept accessible for other motorists, delivery vehicles (which include tractor trailers), and emergency apparatus. Parking spaces may not be used for storage of vehicles or other items. Any such unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owners expense.

Obtaining Vehicle Tags
Every employee who needs one will be issued a gate control radio tag upon request with a $25.00 refundable deposit. An additional or replacement tag is also available for $25. Windshield stickers are issued at no charge. The stickers must be mounted on the windshield behind the rearview mirror. All stickers are numbered for identification, and the car registration must match the registration data provided at the time the sticker is issued to be valid. To request a sticker or tag, please visit the Security office in the Administration building or complete the  online application  on the Administration/Security web page. Each employee may request up to two parking stickers. Exceptions to this limit will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Parking Registration Form

Please complete all information on the parking registration form. If you need to register more than one vehicle you must complete a seperate form and submit it for each additional one. After completion you must bring the form to Security with payment of $25.00 for each one requested. The Decals are free.

If you need Overnight/Long Term Parking - Please submit the Overnight/Longterm form

You may contact either Wanda Espinal at ext 8990 or Cathy Troutman at ext 8860 for any additional information or questions you may have.

Registration Form  - Application for Parking Decal and Gate Control Tag

Overnight/Long Term Parking Request Form

Overnight/Long Term Parking 
A number of spaces have been identified for overnight and long term parking. These spaces are clearly marked by a sign post. Overnight / Long Term spaces are located in the  Geochemistry Parking Lot (35)Geoscience Parking Lot (27), and at  Lamont Hall (9) .  Click on link above for a location map.

To park in the overnight spaces on an occasional basis you must have a Lamont parking sticker displayed on your windshield and you must email the Security office ( ) of your intention to leave your car on campus and the dates. Employees who routinely use long term parking (e.g., city dwellers) may request extended overnight parking by filing a  Overnight/Long Term parking form  with Security. Security will monitor the use of these spaces and the ownership of the vehicles. For extended use of overnight parking, it is requested that you leave a key with Security or with a coworker who can be reached while you are away so the car can be moved if necessary.   All vehicles parked in an overnight spot must have a current vehicle registration and inspection sticker on the vehicle. 

Security is authorized to tow cars as necessary to enforce this policy. The owner of the vehicle will be required to pay for the towing charges to have the car returned. In the case of an abandoned vehicle (no plates and missing or lapsed registration), following appropriate notification of the owner (if identifiable), the vehicle will be removed for scrap.