Transporting HAZMAT or RAM

All Federal, State and Local regulations must be followed when transporting hazardous materials (including chemicals, radioactive material, or any such waste). If you will be mailing (UPS/FED EX)hazardous materials out into the field, the LDEO Shipping department must be contacted to ensure that these items are properly transported.

The   Hazardous & Radioactive Materials Field Use form  must be submitted by the Columbia Principal Investigator or Research Scientist at least 90 days prior to a cruise or field work involving the use of any radioactive materials or hazardous chemicals. 

NOTE: You should not transport hazardous materials in your personal vehicles as there are strict regulations restriciting this practice.

In addition, if you will be generating any hazardous waste (chemical or radioactive) off campus, the LDEO Safety office needs to be notified well in advance of your departure so that we can coordinate with you  and Columbia's EHS office to arrange for proper waste disposal.  Hazardous waste cannot be shipped back to LDEO.

Note: Disposal cost for hazardous waste generated in the field may be the responsibility of the PI and would need to be included in your budget