Lab Visitor Safety Policy

Columbia University has a detailed document "Guidelines for Short-Term Visitors in Research-Related and Clinical Activities."

This document should be reviewed for more details on specific requirements for short-term visitors.

Below are highlights of this document, and additional Lamont-specific requirements.

Short-term visitors may include high school students, visiting undergraduates, post-baccalaureates, and others. 

Short-term visitors are required to be registered utilizing the "Visitor Registration Form" (see pp. 6-7 of Guidelines document above).

The sponsoring investigator and department administrator are responsible to ensure that the visitors: 1) have received the necessary training and/or approvals, and 2) comply with all relevant University rules and policies during their stay. Importantly, visitors are to be shown where all lab safety equipment is located (including fire extinguishers, emergency eye wash and shower, spill kit), and how to contact Security in the event of an emergency.

If any Hazardous Chemicals/Radiation or Machine Shop equipment are to be used, the visitor must complete the requisite Environmental Health and Safety training sessions. The Lab/Workshop "Laboratory Assessment Tool and Chemical Hygiene Plan (LATCH)" is to be read by and available to the visitors.

Lamont-Specific Requirements: Undergraduate visitors performing work with hazardous chemicals or working with Machine Shop-type equipment are to be supervised by the Lamont PI or the PI's designee. The PI or designee must be present on campus, and readily available for assistance in the event of an emergency situation.