The Security office is responsible for all LDEO security matters, including oversight of security guards, distribution of building/room keys, parking, visitor access, emergency operations and oversees installation of LDEO locking systems and other security technology.


Medical, Police, Fire Emergencies requiring immediate response call 911 then call 555 from any campus phone or (845) 359-2900 to notify Safety/Security office so that we may direct the emergency responders.  Dialing 911 directly will also connect you with Emergency Response.

Note: Medical Emergencies - The LDEO Campus is equipped with 5 Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) located in the following buildings:  Administration, Comer, Geoscience, Monell and the Guard Booth. In a medical emergency call 911 THEN 555 for assistance.

NON life threatening emergencies (e.g. broken water lines, leaks, chemical spills/odors, wildlife hazards, which do not reguire external agency response dial 555 from any campus phone or (845) 359-2900 if using a cell phone or off campus.


Building/Room keys can be obtained from the security office (Admin 101) and requires a refundable $10.00 deposit for each key. There is a $10.00 fee for replacement keys also.

Parking/Vehicle Registration

See  Parking Policy  for details on campus parking and vehicle registrations. 


To authorize a visitor to the campus, please email the Security office at  or  See Parking/Visitor Policy for details on visitor procedures.

Active Shooter Guidelines

Below is a video made by the City of Houston Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security that has valuable advice on safety measures and what to do if you every find yourself in an active shooter situation.   The three important words to remember are:  Run. Hide. Fight. 


Howie Matza
Extension: 8822
FAX: (845) 365-8101 

Cathy Troutman 
Assistant Manager
Extension: 8860
FAX: (845) 365-8101 

Maryann Hanneman
Telephone Coordinator
Extension: 8990 or dial 0 for Operator
FAX: (845) 365-8101


Joshua Davenport
Night Supervisor (Custodial & Security)
Extension: 8418
FAX: (845) 365-8101

After Hours Telephone - (845) 359-2900 / (845) 365-8370