Telephone Operations

Telephone Operations (Phone Office)

The telephone operations office is responsible for LDEO communications, which includes maintainence and upgrades of campus telephone network, satellite and radio communications.

NOTE: LDEO telephone extensions are the last four digits of the direct number (845) 365-8nnn or (845) 680-4nnn

Conference Calls:

All lamont telephones that are able to complete outside calls can arrange conference calls including up to dialing 2 outside numbers. For information and instructions please dial "0" for the operator.

There are 3 methods available for arranging conference calls

  1. Meet Me Conference- Host Pays

    6 parties or less (including a Lamont participant) and no international participants. A toll free number will be supplied.

  2.  Meet Me Conference - Participants Pay

    6 parties or less (including a Lamont participant) and no international participants. A general number will be supplied and all parties pay their share.

  3. AT&T Conference  

    7 parties or more, no Lamont participant required. Toll free number for all domestic participants. A general number for all international participants.

After you determine the method that suits your needs send an email to phone-request Your email should contain the follwing information:

  1. Method requesting
  2. Account if billable
  3. Date & Time and approximate duration of call
  4. Number of participants (including host)

Please give ample time in order to arrange the call.



Howard Matza
Extension: 8822
FAX: (845) 365-8101

Wanda Espinal
Administrative Assistant
Extension: 8990
FAX: (845) 365-8101