Telephone Operations

Telephone Operations (Phone Office)

The telephone operations office is responsible for LDEO communications, which includes maintainence and upgrades of campus telephone network, satellite and radio communications.

NOTE: LDEO telephone extensions are the last four digits of the direct number (845) 365-8nnn or (845) 680-4nnn

Conference Calls:

All lamont telephones that are able to complete outside calls can arrange conference calls including up to dialing 2 outside numbers. For information and instructions please dial "0" for the operator.

There are 3 methods available for arranging conference calls

  1. Meet Me Conference- Host Pays

    6 parties or less (including a Lamont participant) and no international participants. A toll free number will be supplied.

  2.  Meet Me Conference - Participants Pay

    6 parties or less (including a Lamont participant) and no international participants. A general number will be supplied and all parties pay their share.

  3. AT&T Conference  

    7 parties or more, no Lamont participant required. Toll free number for all domestic participants. A general number for all international participants.

After you determine the method that suits your needs send an email to phone-request Your email should contain the follwing information:

  1. Method requesting
  2. Account if billable
  3. Date & Time and approximate duration of call
  4. Number of participants (including host)

Please give ample time in order to arrange the call.

Satellite Phones
The LDEO Safety, Security and Telephone Office has 3 Satellite phones model Iridium Extreme purchased new in 2018 available for field use.

You will need to contact Outfitter Satellite Inc. (phone # 615-889-8833) to register the phone for your use, and to arrange for them to send you a SIM card. Once you get the SIM card, you can then come by and get the Satellite phone. 

  • You will need a credit card to register the phone for the services desired, including the length of time the phone is to be used and approximate number of minutes per week/month.
  • The typical turnaround time for receiving the SIM card after registration is 2 days.



Howard Matza
Extension: 8822
FAX: (845) 365-8101

Wanda Espinal
Administrative Assistant
Extension: 8990
FAX: (845) 365-8101