Questions & Concerns


Our Research Ramp-up Ambassadors for the Lamont campus are:

Kuheli Dutt
Assistant Director for Academic Affairs and Diversity

Virginia Maher
Manager of Human Resources

Kaleigh Matthews
Graduate Program Manager

Nicole deRoberts
Executive Assitant to the Director, LDEO

Columbia Research Ramp-up Amabassador Look-up (via UNI)

Please contact a Research Ramp-up Ambassador for support on issues such as: 1) pressure to come back to on-site work at a time where this is voluntary; 2) concerns from individuals who want to come back but have been told to wait; or 3) concerns that individuals or labs are not following the required safety and public health measures to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

The Ambassador is not intended to replace existing University resources, but rather supplement and enhance channels for individuals to express concerns about resumption of on-site activity.

To discuss a concern, if possible, first contact your supervisor or department, the relevant Dean's Office or Office of Academic Affairs, or the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

Other University channels include:

Please direct questions about administrative policy and facilities issues to the Lamont Safety & Security Office ( / 845-365-8822).

Additional University health and safety resources include: