Ramp-up Procedures

Ramp-up Procedures: Overview

Since June of 2020, we have been permitted to ramp up our research operations on campus.  Presently, we are permitted to occupy our campus up to 100% of normal occupancy. 

We recognize that the infection rate is subject to change, and we may be ordered by civil authorities or the University to ramp down to a lower occupancy level. If this is necessary, it will be well communicated.

In order to enter any University property, including the Lamont Campus, you must perform a daily symptom self-check and attestation (via ReopenCU app or self-check website). The attestation application includes a check list of one-time requirements, including training, signing of a compact, and gateway testing in order to obtain a Green Pass for access. Details are provided within the application.

We thank you for your ongoing patience and cooperation as we work to ensure the health and safety of the Lamont community.

We welcome your questions and concerns.

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COVID Testing Requirements

There are four categories of testing identified by the University:

  1. Gateway Testing – one time testing required for all personnel to return to campus
  2. Random Surveillance Testing – monitors health of personnel routinely working on campus
  3. Voluntary Testing – self-selected testing of personnel routinely working on campus
  4. Travel Related Testing – testing required by personnel in order to comply with travel requirements imposed by civil authorities

In general, the University only recognizes testing performed at its own test sites, which are available by appointment only. For inquiries regarding the use of outside lab test data, email covidtesttrace@columbia.edu.

A limited number of test appointments may be scheduled on the Lamont campus, but at present those appointments are for gateway and random testing only.

You may not obtain a test at a University test site if you suspect you are under a quarantine order due to symptoms, close contact, or travel.

Campus Rules & Services

General Conduct

  • Do not come to campus if you feel sick or display any symptoms.
  • Do not bring guests or visitors to campus.
  • Maintain social distancing (6’) at all times.
  • Wear face covering at all times indoors when in shared labs or public spaces.
  • You may remove face covering if you are alone in a private office exclusively used by you.
  • Keep your hands and work surfaces clean and disinfected, especially in shared research areas.

Inside the Building

  • All bathrooms are single occupancy. Knock before entering. Ignore gender if necessary.
  • Alcohol spray bottles are provided in bathrooms so you may disinfect toilet seats if desired. Wipe dry with toilet paper. Do not flush paper towels.
  • Use open staircases within buildings when possible. Closed stairwells should be reserved for fire escape and service workers.

Food & Food Service

  • If you bag your own lunch, please eat in your office or a common area when social distancing can be maintained.
  • Outdoor dining is recommended.
  • Cafeteria service is available. You can pre-order/pre-pay, pick up, and go.
  • Limited seating is available.
  • Dispose of food waste in trash receptacles outdoors or in corridors. Do not dispose of food waste, or keep food, in your office. Never bring food or drink into a lab.
  • Place office trash and paper recycling bins outside your office door for pick up.

Contractors, Service Vendors, Visitors

  • For the duration of the emergency, only essential visitors are permitted on campus. Non-essential visitors, including family members, are not permitted within our buildings.
  • Contractors are required to file a safety plan with the Security office consistent with the minimum requirements for construction of the NYS Department of Health.
  • All service vendors and essential visitors require an advance appointment approved by the Security office. The host for the visitor or vendor must provide an escort on campus for the duration, and is responsible for ensuring compliance with COVID safety protocols.
  • Service vendors and essential visitors will be required to submit the daily attestation form to the Security office prior to arrival on campus.

Shuttle Service

  • Shuttle service is limited to a single bus schedule until Fall Semister.  

Lab Rules


  • Nitrile gloves, disinfectant wipes, and/or alcohol spray bottles with paper towels are provided so you can disinfect your shared workstations/labs before use.
  • Custodians only clean/disinfect bathrooms and high-touch public areas.


  • We provide gloves, face coverings, and disinfectant supplies for COVID protection on campus.
  • Please do not use PPE supplies wastefully or remove them from campus.

Lab Coats

  • Lab coats are required for use of hazardous chemicals.
  • Install your personal nametag on your lab coat. Never wear someone else’s lab coat
  • Lab coats may be worn in transit between lab rooms, but must be left in the lab if going elsewhere, such as outside, to the bathroom, or your office.
  • Leave your lab coat in the hamper for laundering when you take a fresh lab coat.
  • Be mindful to minimize the environmental impact of excessive laundering.


We welcome your questions and concerns.