This is the website for the LDEO Information Technology Group and Web Services.

All questions or concerns regarding computing policies, problems, bug reporting, network connection issues or
application support should be e-mailed to request@ldeo.columbia.edu.

List of services provide:  Services Provided

Alphabetic listing of Computer Support web pages:



  • Change Your Password: If you have a valid account on LDEO system, this form allows you to change your password. It will also synchronize the UNIX password with your Directory (LDAP), and Samba password.
  • Columbia UNI : The key to accessing the services within the Columbia University's Systems, is your Columbia University Network ID (UNI). Every student, faculty member, and permanent staff is assigned one of these unique identifiers, usually consisting of your initials plus an arbitrary number.


  • FTP : The primary purpose of the FTP server is to house those files we wish to make publicly available either to LDEO users with accounts or to 'anonymous' external users without local accounts.
  • List of Services : Describes the LDEO IT services in categories: Infrastructure & campus services, Computer Support Services, Direct charge items.


  • Plotters : Large format professional plotters and drivers for printing project related Maps, Posters, Banners, etc



  • Vacation Setup:  Activate/Deactivate an auto-responder vacation program with form.


  • Web Development Services : The LDEO web operation office is now part of the Computer Support Group, Internet Technologies division specializing in website theme-ing/design, Information Architecture, and website production, web application development, and online strategic consultation/Implementation for Document/Content Management.


  • Web Site FAQ :  Answers to yor questions about user profiles, LDEO Project listing, and Publications.


  • Webmail : Lamont-Doherty Mail Gateway. The use of this system is limited exclusively to users with a valid accounts on the Lamont-Doherty network. For help contact  request@ldeo.columbia.edu

  • MATLAB is an integrated technical computing environment that combines numeric computation, advanced graphics and visualization, and a high-level programming language. MATLAB includes hundreds of functions for data analysis and visualization, numeric and symbolic computation, engineering and scientific graphics, modeling/simulation and prototyping, and programming/application development and GUI design.

  • ArcGIS is a complete system for authoring, serving, and using geographic information. It is an integrated collection of GIS software products for building and deploying a complete GIS wherever it is needed—on desktops, servers, or custom applications; over the Web; or in the field.