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Lamont-doherty Professor To Head Science Organization
The Journal News, January 06

Video interview with Robin Bell who was recently elected president of the American Geophysical Union.
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More Frequent Glacial Quakes On Greenland Signal Ice Retreat
Eos, January 05

Lamont graduate student Kira Olsen and Meredith Nettles report that glacial earthquakes in Greenland, a measure of ice loss from the leading edges of glaciers, increased in frequency by a factor of four over the period 1992-2013.
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Conditions That Form More Hurricanes Also Protect U.s., Study Finds
New York Times, January 04

Suzana Camargo comments on a report that during times of frequent Atlantic hurricanes, climate conditions tend to weaken storms that approach the U.S. east coast, whereas during times of less frequent tropical storms, major hurricanes approaching the U.S. are likely to intensify before making landfall.
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2016 To Break Heat Records
The Mercury News, January 01

Scientists are expected to announce that 2016 was the hottest year on Earth since record-keeping began in 1880 ​— news that will test national, state and economic leadership on climate change. “The climate system gives not a hoot about politicians in Washington denying the reality of human-driven climate change — but it does respond to decisions on energy, fuels and the environment those politicians make,” Lamont's Richard Seager said.
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With Enough Evidence, Even Skepticism Will Thaw
Washington Post, December 30

Greenland's Petermann Ice Shelf has lost huge ice islands since 2010. The question is no longer whether it is changing — it’s how fast it could give up still more ice to the seas. Chris Mooney talks with scientists, including Lamont's Marco Tedesco, about what they're seeing.