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Earth Science Colloquium - Spring 2010

February 12:  Douglas Burbank (UC Santa Barbara) "Does Rainfall Build Ranges? The Role of the Indian Monsoon in Himalaya Orogenesis"

February 5:    Vince Matthews (Colorado Geological Survey) "The Global Scramble for Natural Resources—Its Potential Impact on America " - Click here for speaker bio.

January 22:  Jack Williams (University of Wisconsin-Madison) "Climatic and Herbivory Controls on the Late-Glacial No-Analog Plant Communities of the Upper Midwest"

Earth Science Colloquium - Fall 2009


November 20: Michael Bender (Princeton University) "Links Between CO2 and Climate Throughout Earth History--A Survey"

October 30:  Dan Penny (University of Sidney) Assessing Resilience of Past Societies to Climatic Change: The Case of Angkor’s 15th Century Collapse and Reorganization

October 16: Eric Calais (Purdue University) "Geodetic Constraints on Rifting processes in East Africa"

October 9:  Ross Edwards(Desert Research Institute) "Increased Tropical Fire Emissions During the Medieval Warm Period: Evidence From a West Antarctic Ice-Core"

September 25Meg Urry, Diversity Lecture, "Women in Science"

September 18:  Eric Sanderson (Mannahatta Project) "On Muir Webs and Mannahatta:  Ecological Networks in the Service of New York City’s Historical Ecology"

Earth Science Colloquium - Spring 2009

March 27: Rebecca Morss (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research - UCAR) "Improving Communication of Weather and Climate Information to the Public"

March 13: Amy Clement (Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami) "Low-Level Clouds and Climate Change"

March 6:  William F. Ruddiman (University of Virginia) "The Greenhouse Gas Increases in Recent Millennia Were NOT Natural"

February 27: Paula Apsell (NOVA, PBS) "The Art of Science Television"

February 20: Chunmiao Zheng (University of Alabama) "Understanding Solute Transport in Extremely Heterogeneous Porous Media: Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Research at the MADE Site"

February 13: Cynthia Rozensweig (GISS) "Attributing Physical and Biological Impacts to Anthropogenic Climate Change"




February 6: John Wettlaufer (Yale University) "Snap, Buckle, Crack: The Collisional Patterns of Elastica"

January 30: Heather Stoll (Univ. of Mass., Amherst/Univ. of Oviedo, Spain) "Precipitation Change, Climate-Weathering Feedbacks and Marine Productivity"."

January 23: Dave Goldberg (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) "Carbon Sequestration in Deep-Sea Basalt"





Earth Science Colloquium - Fall 2008

November 14:  Dan Fornari (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) "Constructional Volcanic Processes in the Western Galápagos: Growth of an Archipelago"





Earth Science Colloquium - Spring 2008


May 9:  Director's Series on the Science of Diversity - Elizabeth Spelke (Harvard University) "Gender, Math, and Science"

April 25:  Peter van Keken (University of Michigan) "An Anisotropic View of Subduction Zones"

April 18:  Antonio Busalacchi (University of Maryland) "Impact of Climate Change on Global Viticulture"

April 11:  Julie Brigham-Grette (University of Massachusetts Amherst) "The Thrill to Drill in the Chill: Arctic Climate History from Crater Lake El'gygytgyn, NE Russia"

April 4:  Barbara John (University of Wyoming) "What is an Oceanic Core Complex?"

March 28:  Bette Otto-Bliesner (National Center for Atmospheric Research) "A Paleoclimatic Perspective on Polar Warmth, Ice Sheet Stability, and Sea Level Rise"

March 21:  Ed Garnero (Arizona State University) "Deciphering Earth's Dynamic Interior Using Seismology"

March 14:  Karen Von Damm (University of New Hampshire) "Temporal Evolution of the Hydrothermal System at 9-10N, East Pacific Rise"

March 7:  Donna Whitney (University of Minnesota) "Crustal Flow and Continental Tectonics"

February 22:  Michael Watkins (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) "Climate and Polar Science from GRACE: Recent Results and Future Developments"

February 15:  Peter Doran (University of Illinois, Chicago) "Extreme Ecosystems and Climate Change in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica"

February 8: Jeffrey Karson (Syracuse University) "Faults, fluids and fauna at the Lost City Hydrothermal Field: From Mantle to Microbes"





February 1: Cecilie Mauritzen (Norwegian Meteorological Institute) "Global Warming, Arctic Change and the International Polar Year"

January 25: Mark Leckie (University of Massachusetts Amherst) "Closure of the Indonesian Seaway during the middle to late Miocene: Early history of the Western Pacific Warm Pool"




Earth Science Colloquium - Fall 2007


October 12: Bridget Scanlon (University of Texas at Austin) "Impacts of Changing Land Use on Subsurface Water Resources in Semiarid Regions"

October 19: Directors Series on the Science of Diversity - Daniel Ames (Columbia University) "Interpersonal Assertiveness and Constructive Conflict"

November 2: Andreas Teske (University of North Carolina) "Unlocking the Secrets of the Deep Subsurface Biosphere"

November 9: David Evans (Yale University) "Deep-Time Geophysics and Paleoclimate, Sprinkled with Ice and Salt"

October 5: Heidi Cullen (The Weather Channel) "The Science of Television"

September 28: Katharina Billups (University of Delaware) "Millennial-Scale Climate Variability During the Mid Pleistocene"

September 21: Cindy Ebinger (University of Rochester) "Snap, Crackle, Pop: The 2005-6 Dabbahu, Afar Dike Intrusion Episode"

September 14: William Schlesinger (Institute of Ecosystem Studies) "Trees and the Carbon Cycle: An Update of Results from the Duke Forest CO2 Enrichment (FACE) Experiment"

September 7: Director's Award Lecture - Richard Seager (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) "North American Drought: From Medieval Megadroughts to the Imminent Transition to a More Arid Climate"




Earth Science Colloquium - Spring 2007


April 20: Gavin A. Schmidt (NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies) "What Good are Climate Models? "

April 13: James C. Zachos (University of California Santa Cruz) "The Magnitude of Ocean Acidification and Global Warming Across the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary"

April 06: Christopher R. German (WHOI) "Hydrothermal Activity on Earth's Slowest Ridges - Physical, Chemical, Geological and Biological Implications"

March 30: Douglas G. Capone (University of Southern California) "New Developments in the Marine N Cycle and the Role of Nitrogen Fixation"

March 23: Satish C. Singh (Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris) "Seismic Reflection and Seafloor Images of the Sumatra Andaman Great Earthquake Rupture: Source to Surface"

March 2: Cinzia G. Farnetani (Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris) "Dynamics and Internal Structure of Mantle Plumes"

February 23: Maria T. Zuber (MIT) "Inside Mars"

February 16: Goran Ekström (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University) " Global Seismicity and Unusual Earthquakes"

February 9: Peter U. Clark (Oregon State University) "Mechanisms for a ~ 7-kyr Climate Oscillation During Marine Isotope Stage 3: Lowblows, Seesaws, Tunnels, Bridges, and Flushes"

February 2: Daniel P. Schrag (Harvard University) "Microbes, Methane, and their Role in Planetary Geochemistry"

January 26: Kenneth H. Nealson (University of Southern California) "Breathing Metal Oxides for a Living: The Kinetics of Geobiology?"

January 19: Marcia K. McNutt (MBARI) The Whys and Hows of Ocean Observatories>




Earth Science Colloquium - Fall 2006


December 1: W. Rockwell Geyer (WHOI) "How Does Fresh Water Become Salt Water? An Assessment of Estuarine and Coastal Mixing Processes"

November 17: Roger G. Barry (WDC/NSIDC) "Arctic Coastal Climates"

November 10: Directors Series on the Science of Diversity Elke U. Weber (Columbia University) "Overconfidence and Bias in Decision-Making"

November 3: Maureen E. Raymo (Boston University) "Plio-Pleistocene Ice Volume, Antarctic Climate, and the Global d18O Record"

October 27: Terry A. Plank (Boston University) Water in Arc Magmas

October 20: Peter G. Hess (National Center for Atmospheric Research) Atmospheric Chemistry in a Changing World

October 6, 2006: Natalie Mahowald (National Center for Atmospheric Research) "The Role of Humans in Perturbing Atmospheric Iron Deposition"

September 29, 2006: Linda A. Hinnov (Johns Hopkins University) "Assembling an Astronomical-Calibrated Time Scale for Earth History"

September 15, 2006:: Linda A. Hinnov (Johns Hopkins University) "Assembling an Astronomical-Calibrated Time Scale for Earth History"




Earth Science Colloquium - Spring 2006


April 21, 2006

April 14, 2006

April 7, 2006

March 31, 2006

March 24, 2006

February 24, 2006: Suzanne Baldwin (Syracuse University),"How is Rifting Exhuming the Youngest HP/UHP Rocks on Earth?"

February 17, 2006: Paul Fitzgerald (Syracuse University), "Tracking the West Antarctic Rift Flank"

February 10, 2006

February 3, 2006

January 27, 2006

January 20, 2006




Earth Science Colloquium - Fall 2005


November 18, 2005: Andy Revkin (The New York Times), "The Daily Planet -- A Journalist's Search for Sustainability, from the Amazon to the Arctic"

November 11, 2005: Ann Mulligan (WHOI), "Groundwater at the coast: spatial and temporal controls on submarine groundwater discharge"

November 4, 2005: Everett Shock (Arizona State University): The Biotic Fringe, "Exploring Hydrothermal Ecosystems at Yellowstone "

October 28, 2005: Kip Solomon (University of Utah), "Inert gas tracers in ground water"

October 14, 2005: Greg Asner (Carnegie Institution, Stanford University), "Finding Invasive Species and Illegal Logging in Tropical Forests".

October 07, 2005: Kate Moran (University of Rhode Island), "The Arctic Coring Expedition: A North Pole Discovery".




September 30, 2005: Karen M. Fischer (Brown University), "Seismological Constraints on the Evolution of the Continental Lithosphere,"





Earth Science Colloquium - Spring 2005

April 29, 2005: Sam Mukasa (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor) Title: "Magma Chamber Processes Revealed by an Isotopic and Trace Element Study of the Dufek Layered Mafic Intrusion, Antarctica "

April 22, 2005: Delia Oppo (WHOI) Title: "Paleo SST in the Western Subtropical Pacific"

April 15, 2005: John Flynn (AMNH) Title: "Cenozoic Andean Paleoenvironments and Tectonic History: Evidence from Fossil Mammals"

March 04, 2005: Lew Ashwal (Univ. of the Witwatersrand, South Africa), "The Problem of the Anorthosites- What Have We Learned Since Bowen?"

Feb 25, 2005: Larry Mayer (Univ. New Hampshire), "New Directions in Seafloor Mapping and Visualization"

Feb 18, 2005: Chris Small (LDEO), "Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis of the Indian Ocean Tsunami Impacts" AND Deborah Balk (CIESIN), "Who Was Affected? The Demography (and socioeconomic characteristics) of Tsunami-Affected Population"





Earth Science Colloquium - Fall 2004

December 3, 2004: Melanie Holland (Arizona State University), "The Mid-Ocean Ridge Subseafloor: Prime Microbial Real Estate"

November 19, 2004: Sean Solomon (Carnegie Institution of Washington), "The MESSENGER mission to Mercury: Seeking clues to the formation and evolution of the inner solar system"

November 12, 2004: Alan Howard (University of Virginia), "Four billion years of fluvial erosion on Mars"

November 5, 2004: Bruce Jakosky (University of Colorado, Boulder), "Liquid water and potential habitability of Mars"

October 29, 2004: Cathy Weitz (NASA), "Science Results from the Mars Exploration Rover Mission"

October 22, 2004: John Pavlik (Rutgers Univ., Chair of the Deptartment of Journalism and New Media Studies), "Transforming the Scientist-Journalist Relationship: Implications of New Media"

October 15, 2004: Steve Cohen (Columbia U., Director, Graduate Program in Earth Systems, Science, Policy and Management), "Understanding Environmental Policy"

September 24, 2004: Douglas Wiens (WU in St. Louis), "Seismological constraints on the dynamics of island arc and back arc"

June 18, 2004: Maya Tolstoys (LDEO), "Listening to the Ocean"

May 14, 2004: "Competitive Proposal Writing"





Earth Science Colloquium - Spring 2004

April 23, 2004: Jim Hurrell (NCAR), "Twentieth Century North Atlantic Climate Change. Assessing Determinism and Understanding the Effect of Indian Ocean Warming

April 16, 2004: Martin Miller (University of Oregon), "Turtlebacks, chaos, crustal extension in Death Valley, California"

April 9, 2004: Richard Kerr (Science), "Science, the Media, and You"

April 2, 2004: Tim Lyons (University of Missouri), "3.5 billion years of earth's evolving biosphere as recorded in marine sulfur geochemistry"

March 26, 2004: Eli Tziperman (Harvard) Rapid Past climate Change: it's the Sea Ice

March 5, 2004: Becky Lange (University of Michigan) Why Continental Crust

March 12, 2004: George Philander (Princeton University) Can Global Warming Induce a Permanent El Nino? (The Ice Age Record Provides an Answer.)

February 27, 2004: David Lochbaum (Union of Concerned Scientists) Risk of Nuclear Power and Spent Fuel Storage