***Please make sure to uninstall your current openvpn client***

 Note:  Our older VPN server (ldeovpn.ldeo.columbia.edu) has been retired.

To install the new client please follow the directions below:

If you are using a home computer to connect, please make sure that all
of your security updates are installed as an infected home computer
using the VPN can introduce a virus into the LDEO campus. Windows users
should also make sure that they have updated and scanned their computer
with Symantec Anti Virus, and Malwarebytes. These programs can be found



Users can install the new client by following the instructions below.

go to the new LDEO VPN website:


At the OpenVPN log in screen.
Click on the drop down list and choose "Login".
Log in with your LDEO ID and Password.
After you have successfully logged in you will be able to download and
install the new "OpenVPN Connect" Client or download the new
configuration file.


1: Click on "OpenVPN Connect for Windows" then click on Run or Save it
to your hard drive and double click on "openvpn-connect-*.*.*.msi" to
start the installation.

2: After the installation is complete you should see the OpenVPN icon in
your system tray as well as an Icon on your desktop.

To connect:
Double click on the OpenVPN Connect icon and type in your user name and

If you get a pop up stating:
"Allow VPN connection to vpn.ldeo.columbia.edu using UNVERIFIED

Make sure that the "Don't ask again" Check box is checked and then click

You should now be connected to the VPN server.

To Disconnect:
Find the OpenVPN Connect icon in the system tray at the bottom right of
your screen. Right click and then click on Disconnect.

Mac OSX:

NOTE: You may need to allow installation of "applications from unidentified developers". You can find the setting in the system preferences under "Security & Privacy" on the General tab.

1: After the download has finished, double click the
openvpn-connect-*.*.*.dmg file. You should now see a new window with the
OpenVPN Connect Installer.pkg file. Double click on it to start the

2: In the OpenVPN Connect installer click on Continue twice and accept
the license agreement by clicking on Agree when prompted. Next Click on
Install. After the installation has completed click on Close.

3: You will find the OpenVPN Connect Client in your Applications folder.
double click on it to start the client. After you have started the
client you should see the icon in your Menu bar at the top of your screen.

To Connect:
Click on the OpenVPN Connect icon in your menu bar then click on
"Connect to vpn.ldeo.columbia.edu" and type in your user name and
password and click on Connect.

You should now be connected.

To Disconnect:
Click on the OpenVPN icon in your menu bar and then click on "Disconnect


1: Download the client.ovpn file
2: Follow the link for Linux and follow the instructions for your

If you have any problems or question please contact askit@ldeo.columbia.edu for help.