Setup Vacation, Forwarding, Filtering

If you have been migrated to Google, you should NOT use these instructions.  You can follow these instructions:

Only for users on LDEO mail servers, login to LDEO INGO

Once you login to the Ingo mail filtering system:

- For vacation message, click on "Vacation" under the "Edit Rules" section on the top left corner of the page.  Then, enter the required info for your vacation, the way you want it, and click "Save and Enable" and "Log out".

- For mail forwarding or filtering, click the "New Rule" pink button.


Some Tips:

* Click the name of the rule or the edit button to edit the rules.
* Click the New Rule button at the bottom of the Existing Rules display to create a new rule.
* Click the red X or the green checkmark in the Enabled column to change the status of any rule.
* Click the up or down arrows in the Move column to change the order of the rules. * Click on the life preserver next to any item to display a help screen for that item.