Member of the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS). The LCSN is operated by the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in cooperation with 35 educational institutions, museums, and nature conservation organizations in the Northeastern United States. The network operation is supported by the National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program (NEHRP) through the U.S. Geological Survey. * Indicates probable blast or explosion
18/11/1508:23:43.640.439N73.805W5.01.37Ml16.3 km E of Highlands, NJ
18/09/1714:21:38.539.706N74.624W5.01.18Ml17.2 km NE of Hammonton, NJ
18/09/1505:57:23.740.354N75.988W2.01.02Ml3.3 km NW of Wyomissing, PA
18/09/1209:48:51.440.368N75.994W2.01.69Ml4.9 km NW of Wyomissing, PA
18/09/1207:49:35.140.352N75.981W3.01.86Ml2.8 km NW of Wyomissing, PA
18/09/0409:43:37.041.713N81.043W5.01.55Ml17.2 km E of Painesville, OH
18/09/0222:06:36.344.308N70.999W4.21.74Ml23.2 km SE of Berlin, NH
18/08/2702:24:15.644.242N72.332W5.01.03Ml14.5 km E of Barre, VT
18/08/1703:24:00.539.075N77.478W5.01.32Ml8.7 km SE of Leesburg, VA
18/08/0608:52:40.844.905N75.152W11.11.45Ml20.7 km W of Massena, NY
18/08/0608:52:14.044.915N75.154W14.30.71Ml20.7 km W of Massena, NY
18/08/0206:59:20.943.205N71.708W7.01.02Ml13.8 km W of Concord, NH
18/07/3107:23:05.041.816N81.266W5.01.66Ml11.1 km N of Painesville, OH
18/07/2920:09:06.945.107N74.773W10.01.52Ml22.0 km NE of Massena, NY
18/07/2919:51:18.641.096N73.586W5.01.17Ml6.2 km NW of Stamford, CT
18/07/2315:17:33.941.062N73.836W10.01.49Ml3.2 km SE of North Tarrytown, NY
18/07/1202:20:07.644.794N74.272W11.91.37Ml6.3 km S of Malone, NY
18/06/2919:49:40.545.420N68.986W4.12.12Ml34.1 km SW of Millinocket, ME
18/06/2512:37:32.742.768N78.913W4.30.57Ml9.7 km SW of Lackawanna, NY
18/06/2506:30:14.742.108N71.330W5.01.33Ml6.2 km NE of Franklin, MA
18/06/2104:28:37.739.796N74.631W12.01.65Ml23.0 km NE of Hammonton, NJ
18/06/1214:07:43.543.296N77.308W5.01.12Ml13.6 km NE of Webster, NY
18/06/0208:10:21.644.640N74.968W2.00.85Ml3.5 km S of Potsdam, NY
18/05/3110:42:49.640.954N73.765W2.00.82Ml2.8 km W of Mamaroneck, NY
18/05/2709:55:40.544.621N74.969W5.00.58Ml5.5 km S of Potsdam, NY
18/05/2520:22:32.141.128N74.043W5.01.78Ml2.9 km NE of Monsey, NY
18/05/0821:27:40.043.741N78.973W5.02.28Ml36.1 km E of Toronto, ONT
18/05/0706:49:03.544.628N74.959W2.00.98Ml5.0 km S of Potsdam, NY
18/05/0407:58:19.043.592N77.262W5.21.51Ml44.4 km N of Webster, NY
18/04/0823:03:47.644.746N74.615W5.01.15Ml27.8 km SW of Malone, NY
18/04/0510:22:36.744.761N74.613W5.00.70Ml27.0 km W of Malone, NY
18/03/2903:11:18.245.538N67.336W5.22.33Ml71.6 km SW of Fredericton, N.B.
18/03/2704:52:46.645.535N67.346W5.02.22Ml72.4 km SW of Fredericton, N.B.
18/03/2122:51:58.944.859N74.723W4.01.88Ml15.4 km SE of Massena, NY
18/03/2104:59:13.244.753N74.594W5.02.67Ml25.9 km SW of Malone, NY
18/03/0710:07:40.943.258N71.646W5.22.36Ml10.4 km NW of Concord, NH
18/02/1514:28:56.942.931N70.989W5.02.78Ml6.5 km SW of Exeter, NH
18/02/1323:44:23.243.489N71.568W5.31.83Ml8.2 km NE of Franklin, NH
18/02/0713:39:47.241.366N73.874W6.81.28Ml7.4 km E of West Point, NY
18/02/0711:15:43.741.361N73.853W4.11.26Ml9.3 km E of West Point, NY
18/02/0711:14:00.841.362N73.871W6.22.17Ml7.9 km SE of West Point, NY
18/01/1810:11:40.644.625N74.557W8.20.38Ml32.4 km SW of Malone, NY
18/01/1723:47:00.744.090N69.759W6.12.73Ml15.6 km S of Gardiner, ME
18/01/0803:02:32.245.105N74.213W5.21.35Ml17.3 km S of Valleyfield, QUE
18/01/0316:20:19.740.304N75.896W9.50.93Ml4.4 km SE of Reading, PA
17/12/2700:14:32.045.458N74.699W7.11.15Ml16.6 km S of Hawkesbury, ONT
17/12/2509:00:17.944.819N74.883W4.41.44Ml12.1 km S of Massena, NY
17/12/2104:34:25.943.666N72.369W5.01.95Ml4.3 km NW of White River Junction, VT
17/12/1706:37:34.441.622N72.703W5.00.93Ml5.7 km E of Kensington, CT
17/12/1300:45:27.339.257N75.436W2.71.24Ml13.1 km NE of Dover, DE
17/11/3021:47:31.239.197N75.432W9.94.38Ml9.3 km NE of Dover, DE
17/11/2803:21:29.242.435N80.228W5.31.56Ml73.7 km W of Dunkirk, NY
17/11/2702:48:59.243.862N75.315W5.01.76Ml16 km NE of Lowville, NY
17/11/1115:55:43.839.261N77.039W4.11.48Ml12.2 km N of Olney, MD
17/11/0813:33:43.740.470N74.149W4.31.38Ml3.5 km NW of Keansburg, NJ
17/11/0622:16:30.145.898N75.406W19.01.81Ml27.9 km NW of Ripon, QUE
17/10/3000:34:30.639.279N77.051W2.01.52Ml14.1 km N of Olney, MD
17/10/1800:15:13.343.606N74.510W5.01.39Ml62.9 km N of Gloversville, NY
17/10/1721:41:25.443.514N71.588W5.01.70Ml9.1 km NE of Franklin, NH
17/10/0514:50:08.844.094N75.237W4.01.25Ml55.7 km E of Watertown, NY
17/09/3012:05:53.340.809N74.509W11.50.98Ml2.7 km SW of Morris Plains, NJ
17/09/2522:35:06.640.798N74.513W5.01.71Ml3.7 km SW of Morris Plains, NJ
17/09/1419:13:49.743.172N78.886W4.51.13Ml14.9 km N of North Tonawanda, NY
17/09/0607:21:09.943.262N78.718W5.01.87Ml10.4 km N of Lockport, NY
17/09/0600:10:17.442.610N72.236W5.01.61Ml1.7 km NW of Athol, MA
17/08/2908:41:29.345.251N73.903W12.91.17Ml18.1 km E of Valleyfield, QUE
17/08/2503:31:32.638.034N77.359W8.12.39Ml32.0 km SE of Frederiksburg, VA
17/08/2416:01:12.843.593N70.199W7.02.04Ml6.4 km SE of South Portland, ME
17/08/2101:25:44.440.089N76.477W2.00.39Ml3.2 km SE of Mount Joy, PA
17/08/1420:58:34.945.724N75.467W14.32.57Ml27.4 km W of Ripon, QUE
17/08/1306:52:15.938.339N80.541W6.81.33Ml34.2 km NW of Hillsboro, WVa
17/08/1010:42:25.244.272N76.314W4.11.38Ml46.2 km NW of Watertown, NY
17/08/0910:58:25.645.211N74.801W17.81.71Ml32.3 km N of Massena, NY
17/08/0505:26:56.739.796N76.351W5.01.83Ml22.4 km S of Millersville, PA
17/07/2613:29:38.245.120N67.041W13.31.65Ml5.2 km N of Saint Andrews, NB
17/07/1810:07:11.944.729N74.642W6.02.09Ml27.7 km E of Potsdam, NY
17/07/1419:12:22.744.886N74.706W4.00.54Ml15.4 km E of Massena, NY
17/07/1419:10:12.344.891N74.716W5.01.30Ml14.5 km E of Massena, NY
17/07/1107:30:15.843.755N74.165W4.60.85Ml64 km S of Saranac Lake, NY
17/07/1106:27:46.243.433N78.589W5.02.52Ml10 km N of Somerset, NY
17/07/0711:04:12.642.854N79.332W3.82.07Ml9.6 km W of Port Colborne, ON
17/07/0508:27:57.341.079N73.525W4.20.54Ml3.1 km NE of Stamford, CT
17/07/0116:17:58.145.279N67.809W5.21.90Ml20 km W of Princeton, ME
17/06/3010:27:45.943.871N73.278W4.62.19Ml3 km SE of Shoreham, VT
17/06/3010:27:29.643.875N73.288W5.01.31Ml3 km SE of Shoreham, VT
17/06/2114:48:14.544.699N74.380W5.01.16Ml17.9 km S of Malone, NY
17/06/1318:31:18.643.561N70.737W5.21.71Ml13.9 km N of Sanford, ME
17/06/0303:08:41.139.910N81.314W5.03.45Ml27.1 km E of Cambridge, OH
17/06/0107:22:44.943.736N73.337W4.21.34Ml32.5 km NW of Rutland, VT
17/05/1319:04:11.343.870N73.264W12.71.32Ml17.9 km SW of Middlebury, VT
17/05/1401:50:56.342.165N82.467W5.02.18Ml98.5 km NW of Cleveland, OH
17/05/1106:53:22.540.145N80.483W1.02.12Ml20.5 km W of Washington, PA
17/04/2906:55:25.743.719N73.306W7.51.33Ml29.4 km NW of Rutland, VT
17/04/2511:48:03.444.674N74.579W9.10.98Ml29.7 km SW of Malone, NY
17/04/2320:49:08.239.993N76.312W5.02.30Ml18.2 km S of Lititz, PA
17/04/1022:35:43.641.542N73.655W8.11.31Ml4 km SW of Pawling, NY
17/03/2517:44:49.540.833N74.482W6.01.31Ml1.4 km S of Morris Plains, NJ
17/03/1216:49:22.144.676N74.529W5.01.33Ml26.7 km SW of Malone, NY
17/02/2502:31:31.044.617N75.817W5.01.87Ml27.6 km W of Ogdensburg, NY
17/02/1803:16:35.144.964N73.916W18.90.65Ml32.6 km NE of Malone, NY
17/02/1119:15:44.542.946N71.540W5.22.20Ml8.9 km SW of Manchester, NH
17/02/0206:31:33.241.670N72.357W3.81.16Ml18.1 km SE of Manchester, CT
17/01/2121:51:23.244.349N70.498W5.02.11Ml23.1 km S of Rumford, ME
17/01/2115:35:05.044.633N73.603W13.91.72Ml14.0 km SW of Plattsburgh, NY
17/01/2012:22:39.843.547N71.550W5.01.79Ml6.7 km W of Laconia, NH
17/01/0118:21:45.943.207N73.044W7.11.04Ml38.6 km N of Bennington, VT
16/12/2508:38:44.644.220N72.994W4.31.33Ml26.7 km NE of Middlebury, VT
16/12/2206:41:30.743.480N71.257W5.01.37Ml18.1 km E of Laconia, NH
16/12/1206:33:58.139.646N81.246W4.31.64Ml31.3 km NE of Marietta, OH
16/12/1206:31:21.239.640N81.237W5.02.30Ml31.2 km NE of Marietta, OH
16/12/0101:27:06.038.747N81.472W5.02.38Ml43.8 km NE of Charleston, WVa
16/11/0905:46:55.742.739N79.087W4.11.39Ml23.6 km SW of Lackawanna, NY
16/11/0610:11:15.139.864N75.125W5.01.46Ml2.6 km W of Bellmawr, NJ
16/11/0612:15:02.340.440N73.800W4.51.98Ml16.3 km E of Highlands, NJ
16/10/3023:38:40.644.701N73.868W15.90.97Ml32.9 km W of Plattsburgh, NY
16/10/2019:01:11.045.098N74.024W5.31.01Ml19.0 km SE of Valleyfield, QUE
16/10/0821:10:47.744.910N74.513W5.01.23Ml18.5 km W of Malone, NY
16/09/3018:24:59.339.019N71.292W7.42.71Ml231 km SE of Hampton Bays, NY
16/09/2504:40:17.845.081N74.171W5.30.71Ml19.0 km S of Valleyfield, QUE
16/09/2005:54:59.745.800N73.488W9.12.50Ml26.1 km S of Joliette, QUE
16/09/2003:04:04.441.069N74.253W7.90.56Ml4.9 km NE of Wanaque, NJ
16/08/2718:36:45.545.248N74.347W11.91.73Ml16.8 km W of Valleyfield, QUE
16/08/2206:15:45.841.735N77.196W7.81.37Ml8 km E of Wellsboro, PA
16/08/0902:33:00.641.010N74.343W1.60.54MlButler, NJ
16/08/0902:01:44.541.055N74.291W5.60.98Ml2.0 km N of Wanaque, NJ
16/08/0603:12:10.443.310N79.252W5.01.77Ml28.7 km NW of Niagara Falls, NY
16/08/0308:50:29.640.046N81.245W1.01.98Ml8 km NW of Barnesville, OH
16/07/3100:34:44.840.841N74.177W4.70.81Ml2.2 km SW of Clifton, NJ