Columbia Center for Hazards and Risk Research


Columbia Center for Hazards and Risk Research
Signs MOU for Research In Hazards Risk Reduction
with Bogazici University, Turkey

 In May 2001, Columbia University signed a Memorandum of Understanding setting forth an alliance between the Center for Disaster Management (CENDIM) of Bogazici University, Turkey and the the Center for Hazards and Risk Research (CHRR) of the Columbia Earth Institute. Both CHRR and CENDIM were formed early this year and the alliance represents a first international university partnership for both centers. The alliance is motivated by professional relationships between U.S. and Turkish scientists and engineers and by the important research needs and opportunities arising from the recent devastating earthquake disasters in northwest Turkey.

CHRR and CENDIM intend to develop a program of joint research and education concerned with earthquake hazards and risk management in Turkey. The agenda includes joint basic and applied research in the natural and social sciences, much of it multi-disciplinary. The principal mission is to reduce loss of life, well-being, and property from natural disasters. The two centers hope to foster improved communication about risks and plans for risk mitigation, care in the use of land and in construction, preparedness for natural disasters, and sound plans and training for emergency response, in the United States, in Turkey, and internationally.

The new Director of CENDIM is Professor Gulay Barbarosoglu of Bogazici University's Department of Industrial Engineering. For more information about Bogazici University, please visit

The Center for Hazards and Risk Research
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