Climate Center Lecturer Series

The Climate Center Lecturer Series

Each semester the Climate Center funds a visit by a prominent scientist whose expertise is in climate-related research to spend one week with the LDEO and GISS science communities. Nominations are generally submitted during the April or October RFPs to Martin Stute (Climate Center Committee Chair) via the Administrator, Mercedes Paulino at

Nominations should include:

  1. Justification for Nomination 
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. List of Signficant Publications
  4. Possible Dates for the Visit

Any member of the LDEO and GISS science committee may submit a nomination.  The Climate Center Committee members render a decision within one to two weeks of receiving the nomination. 

Format of Visit

A Climate Center Lecturer is expected to give a series of lectures in his/her area(s) of expertise and meet with the scientific staff of Lamont and GISS for discussions.

  1. The lecturer is in residence at LDEO and/or GISS for approximately one week.
  2. The lecturer gives three talks (two are at LDEO):
    1. Lecture #1 is considered a "general" seminar;
    2. Lecture #2 has a topic which is "esoteric"; and
    3. Lecture #3 (at NASA GISS/Goddard Institute of Space Studies) should be geared towards the GISS audience who are mostly modelers.
  3. There is a wine and cheese reception immediately after Lecture #1 to introduce the lecturer to the LDEO/GISS scientific groups.
  4. The lecturer is expected to meet with the LDEO and GISS scientific staff (including post docs and graduate students) for lively discussions and group meals. The lecturer is of course welcome to request to meet with anyone at LDEO or GISS.

The nominator is expected to serve as the host for the lecturer.  As host, you are expected to acquire office space for the lecturer, to schedule meetings with the science staff and to arrange group meals (which the Climate Center will reimburse).

Travel Reimbursement and Honorarium

Travel Reimbursement. All travel expenses for the lecturer will be reimbursed.

Honorarium. As a thank you, the Climate Center gives an honorarium of $1700 (U.S. dollars) to lecturers.