Climate Center Lecturer Series/2008/Cerling_Thure

31 March - 4 April 2008: Thure Cerling, University of Utah

Dr. Peter deMenocal will host this visit

Brief Biography


Lecture #1: Monday, March 31 at 3pm in the Monell Auditorium, LDEO Campus (abstract)

Reception: Monday, March 31 at 4pm in the Lower Monell Lobby, LDEO Campus

Lecture #2: Tuesday, April 1 at 11am in the 3rd Floor Conference Room, Armstrong Hall, GISS Campus (abstract)

Special Instructions for admittance to GISS CAMPUS: please note that you must have your CU ID with you when you check in with the security guard and you must arrive by 10:50 AM in order for Dr. Allegra LeGrande to sign you in.

Lecture #3: Thursday, April 3 at 2pm in the Seismology Seminar Seminar, LDEO Campus (abstract)

Schedule: If you would like to meet with Prof. Cerling during his visit, please email Moanna St. Clair (stclair at or Peter de Menocal (peter at