1. What is the format for the proposals?

2. Should I include a budget?

3. Should I include ICR (overhead) in the budget?

4. How often do you accept proposals?

5. When are the proposal deadlines?

6. What type of proposals do you accept?

7. What are unallowable expenses in the proposal's budget?

8. May I submit proposals outside of the two RFPs?

9. Who may submit a proposal to the Climate Center?

10. Who are the members on the Climate Center Committee?

11. Where does the money come from?

12. How many proposals may I submit during each RFP, during the year...?

13. If my proposal is accepted, how do I access the awarded funds?

14. What happens to the remaining funds once the project is completed?

15. Why do I have to submit a "progress" report?

16. What is the Climate Center Lecturer?

17. Who may nominate a Climate Center Lecturer?

18. Is the LDEO Climate Center the same as the Center for Climate Systems Research?



1. Answer. Please download and use our template.

      The Climate Center proposal template is as follows:

  • (please list NAME(S), AFFILIATION(S) and TITLE(S)).
  • ITEMIZED BUDGET (excluding 3% Administrative Fee)
  • Please indicate if your project might be appropriate for an UNDERGRADUATE SUMMER INTERN (Fall RFP only)
  • List of PRIOR CLIMATE CENTER PROPOSALS AND RESULTS (this section is not included in the three-page limit in order to provide enough space for the results)
  • The proposal should be no longer than 3 pages (including FIGURES, TABLES, ETC.) plus the 1 page excel budget sheet, plus results from prior Climate Center support (no page limit), have 1-inch margins on all 4 sides and font should be 11pt or larger.

2. Answer. An itemized budget not to exceed $10,000 is required with each proposal and is part of the page limit. Although the administrative fee is exclusive of the $10,000 budget limit, please include fringe for salaries.

Budget was increased from $8,000 to $10,000 effective October 2012.

3. Answer. Although Climate Center Awards do not have the standard LDEO ICR fee of 53%, there is an administrative charge of 10% on Climate Center Awards. Do not add the administrative fee to your budget; it will be added automatically to the award.

4. Answer. The RFP is twice a year:  However, we will consider a proposal request outside of the two RFPs if it is time-sensitive. A very strong argument needs to be made though in the application.

5. Answer. The last business day of the RFP month.

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6. Answer. Proposals MUST BE geared to Climate Research and usually fall under one of the five categories: 

  • To fund Climate Center Visitors to LDEO and GISS
  • To fund mini-conferences
  • To fund undergraduate research
  • To fund start-up research projects
  • To fund (partially) a Marie Tharp or LDEO postdoctoral fellow

7. Answer. Salaries for PIs or Administrative Support, travel funds for off-campus meetings, and computers (unless instrumental for the project). The only salary that is allowed is for technicians, research assistants, undergraduates, or graduate students (summer salary).

8. Answer. Yes, you may if you there is a time constraint or it is a serendipitous opportunity.

9. Answer. Any LDEO or GISS scientific staff member: senior and junior scientists, technicians, post docs, undergrad students and graduate research assistants. Students can not be lead on proposals.

10. Answer. Please see the list under committee members.

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11. Answer. The Vetlessen Foundation.

12. Answer. No more than TWO proposals per RFP following these guidelines:

  • A PI cannot be the lead PI on more than one proposal submission per RFP.
  • A PI cannot be a co-PI on more than two proposal submissions per RFP.

If a PI submits more than one proposal per RFP as lead PI or more than two proposals as co-PI/lead PI, then the PI will be asked to withdraw all but the allowed one or two submissions.


13. Answer. You will receive notification that a new account will be created for you once you have submitted an abstract for your submission.


14. Answer. Remaining funds are to be returned to the Climate Center pool of money.


15. Answer. To provide information to the Vetlessen Foundation regarding their goal of promoting climate research through their million dollar endowment.


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16. Answer. A lecturer in climate studies who spends a week at LDEO and GISS meeting and collaborating with the scientific staff. The lecturer gives two presentations at LDEO, and one at GISS (one geared towards a general audience, the second on an esoteric topic, and a seminar at GISS geared towards modelers). Travel support and an honorarium of $1,700.00 USD are given to the lecturer.


17. Answer. Any member of the LDEO or GISS scientific staff may do so.


18. Answer. No, they are two distinct entities. Please contact Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig (+1-212-678-5562) for information regarding the Center for Climate Systems Research .


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