Geochemistry Seminars


*** Note: All Geochemistry seminars for Fall 2020 have been moved online due to the COVID-19 outbreak. ***

For questions, comments and seminar suggestions, please contact the seminar coordinators:

Allie Balter-Kennedy -

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Unless otherwise specified, Geochemistry seminars are held every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. EST

Recordings may be available upon request from the committee.

See here for the shuttle bus schedule between the Lamont and Morningside campuses.

FALL 2020

September 16 James W. Dottin, III, University of Maryland College Park Sulfur Isotopes Isotopic evidence for multiple recycled sulfur reservoirs in the Mangaia mantle plume
September 23 Yusuf Jameel, Massachusets Institute of Technology Water Isotopes Large-scale anthropogenic pumping and changes in land cover have altered the sources recharging shallow groundwater aquifers in the Bengal Basin: an isotopic evidence
September 30 Samantha Tramontano, CUNY - Queens College Volcanology, Petrology Assembling and mobilizing monotonous, mushy magma at Momotombo Volcano, Nicaragua and the 2015-2016 eruption
October 7 No Seminar    
October 14 Lionel ArteagaPrinceton University Marine Biochemist, Modeling TBD
October 21 Gregory Henkes, Stony Brook University Light Stable Isotope Geochemistry TBD
October 28 Alyssa Griffin, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Low temperature, marine, carbonate geochemistry TBD
November 4 Craig Connolly, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Hydrology, Geochem, Spatial Analysis TBD
November 11 Carlo Barbante, Institute of Polar Sciences - CNR and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice Beyond EPICA TBD
November 18 Lisa Herbert, Stony Brook University Glaciers+Trace Metals TBD
December 2 Faye McNeill, Columbia University Atmospheric Aerosols TBD
December 2-9 AGU Fall Meeting