Current Students

Phd Candidate
My current research is focused primarily on exploring the relationship between glaciers and climate, specifically  1) quantifying glacier changes in recent decades across high mountain Asia using computer vision and image processing techniques applied to satellite remote sensing data, and 2) investigating connections between large-scale global circulation, mesoscale atmospheric processes, and glacier mass balances in complex mountain terrains via numerical modelling of ice surface energy and mass exchange. I aim to enhance knowledge in both directions; namely, what can historic glacier changes tell us about climate in the past, and how will climate change affect glaciers in the future.  
Phd Student
My research interests lie at the interface between geomorphology and paleoclimatology. My current work focuses on reconstructing the fluctuations of the Patagonian Ice Sheet during the last few glacial cycles with the goal of understanding when and why glaciations happen in the Southern Hemisphere. I’m focusing on establishing the glacial chronology at the Strait of Magellan (52°S; Chile) and Nirehuao (45°S; Chile) from the deposits left by piedmont lobes of the Patagonian Ice Sheet.