Directory of Staff, Faculty, Students, and Affiliates

Name Title Phone Main Email Office Location Website
Dallas Abbott Adjunct Research Scientist (845) 365-8664 103 Oceanography View Website
Jordan Abell Graduate Student (845) 365-8454 107 Comer
Ryan Abernathey Assistant Professor (845) 365-8185 205C Oceanography View Website
Geoffrey A. Abers Adjunct Senior Research Scientist Seismology View Website
Patricia E. Ables Administrative Assistant (845) 365-8864 Traffic
Nachiketa Acharya Associate Research Scientist 119 Monell
Kailani Acosta Graduate Student Marine Bio 2B
Tanner Acquisto Graduate Student 61 Route 9W
Susana B. Adamo Research Scientist (845) 365-8966 200C Geoscience
Nina Aguilar Financial Analyst (845) 365-8889 202 Administration
Einat Aharonov Adjunct Research Scientist
Patrick Alexander Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8397 108C Oceanography
Joyce Alsop Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer (845) 365-8753 301A Oceanography
Julen Alvarez Aramberri Postdoctoral Research Scientist 208E Oceanography
Kevin Anchukaitis Adjunct Associate Research Scientist View Website
Lloyd Anderson Graduate Student (845) 365- 8302 215 Comer
O. Roger Anderson Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (845) 365-8452 4 Marine Biology View Website
Robert F. Anderson Ewing Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8508 231 Comer
Weston Anderson Postdoctoral Research Scientist 202 Monell View Website
Laia Andreu-Hayles Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8517 Tree Ring Lab
Nichole A. Anest Staff Associate (845) 365-8792 B03B Geoscience
John Armbruster Casual (845) 365-8556 103 Seismology
Marie DeNoia Aronsohn Director of Strategic Communications (845) 365-8151 227 Monell
Sebnem Arslan Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 90312 203 6416 Ankara Univrsity
Owen K. Atkin Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 441904328560 University Of York, Dept. Of Biology
Jacqueline Austermann Assistant Professor (845) 365-8971 223 Seismology View Website
Daniel Babin Graduate Student (845) 365-8927 119 Comer
Seung Hun (Hun) Baek Graduate Student 205E Oceanography
Walter Baethgen Senior Research Scientist (845) 680-4459 124 Monell
Bruce Baez Speciality Mechanic (845) 365-8600 Physical Plant
Shanice Bailey Graduate Student 61 Route 9W
Alexandra Balter Graduate Student 845-365-8454 Comer 107
Michael L. Banner Adjunct Senior Research Scientist School of Mathematics
Noelle Bannister Deputy Director-Development 219 Monell
Sandra Baptista Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8982 203 Geoscience
Andrew Barclay Senior Research Scientist 108E Seismology
Stephen R. Barker Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (4429) 2087-4328 Main Building, Park Place
Anna Barth Graduate Student (845) 365-8734 235 Comer View Website
Chandranath Basak Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Colleen Baublitz Graduate Student 206E Oceanography View Website
Nancy Beavan Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Anne Becel Lamont Assistant Research Professor (845) 365-8813 302E Oceanography
Carlos Becerril Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8114 OBS Lab 4
Michael A. Bell Senior Staff Associate (845) 680-4511 101 Monell
Robin E. Bell Palisades Geophysical Institute/Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8827 107A Oceanography View Website
Cedric Bellis Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Gilles Bellon Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Karen Benedetto Administrative Assistant (845) 365-8710 403 Comer View Website
Paul Betka Associate Research Scientist 208C Oceanography View Website
Haresh Bhojwani Senior Advisor to the Director 102 Monell
Michela Biasutti Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8512 206B Oceanography View Website
Janine Birnbaum Graduate Student 61 Route 9W
Pierre E. Biscaye Special Research Scientist (201) 666-8663 20 Geochemistry
Daniel Bishop Graduate Student Tree Ring Lab
Daniel Blatter Graduate Student
Karin Block Adjunct Associate Research Scientist Geoscience 104
Martin B. Blumenthal Lead Systems Analyst/Programmer (845) 680-4450 108 Monell
Nicholas Bock Graduate Student 15R Marine Biology
Natalie T. Boelman Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8480 6A Marine Biology
Alexandra L. Boghosian Graduate Student
Ed Bohl Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer (845) 365-8503 69 Geoinformatics
Delwayne R. Bohnenstiehl Adjunct Associate Research Scientist View Website
Louise Bolge Associate Research Scientist (845) 365-8661 237 Comer
Katherine Bolles Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8736 Tree Ring Lab
Enrico Bonatti Special Research Scientist (845) 365-8918 425 Comer
Bonnie J. Bonkowski Division Administrator - Seismology Geology and Tectonophysics (845) 365-8522 109 Seismology
Richard F. Bopp Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (518) 276-3075 Department of Earth & Environmental Science
Olena Borkovska Senior Research Staff Assistant (845) 365-8934 203 Geoscience
Alejandra Borunda Graduate Research Fellow (845) 365-8572 427 Comer
Aloys Jean-Mathias Bory Adjunct Associate Research Scientist Universite Lille 1/Geosystemes (UMR CNRS 8157)
Hans Bosch Senior Technical Consultant (845) 365-8973 103 Geoscience
Benjamin Bostick Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8659 431 Comer
Bridgit Boulahanis Graduate Student (845) 365-8355 303F Oceanography
Stefanie Brachfeld Adjunct Research Scientist
Manuel Brahm Castillo Sr. Research Staff Assistant Monell Building
Lisette Braman Project Coordinator 112 Monell
Stuart Braman Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (917) 658-7215 61 Route 9 W View Website
Melody Braun Staff Associate 105 Monell
Carl Brenner Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8754 201A Borehole
Logan Brenner Graduate Research Fellow (845) 365-8727 105G Geoscience View Website
Wallace S. Broecker Newberry Professor (845) 365-8413 301 Comer View Website
Cristina Broglia-Malinverno Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8343 206 Borehole
Scott Brown Staff Associate (845) 365-8342 204A Oceanography
Hannes K. Brueckner Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (845) 521-4637 212 Seismology View Website
W. Roger Buck Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8592 305B Oceanography View Website
Brendan M. Buckley Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8782 Tree Ring Lab View Website
Thomas Burke Driver 8453658864 Traffic
Yihua Cai Adjunct Research Scientist
Yue Cai Associate Research Scientist (845) 365-8668 121 Comer
Maria Angelina S. Calungcagin Accountant (845) 365-8852 202 Administration
Suzana Camargo Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8640 206D Oceanography View Website
Mark A. Cane G. Unger Vetlesen Professor of Earth and Climate Sciences (845) 365-8344 104D Oceanography View Website
Yesenia Capellan Coordinator of Accounts Payable (845) 365-8856 202 Administration
Suzanne M. Carbotte Bruce C. Heezen/Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8895 305D Oceanography View Website
Christopher Carchedi Graduate Student 201D Seismology
James Carcone Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer (845) 365-8961 110 Geoscience
Brett Carr Postdoctoral Research Scientist 201F Seismology View Website
Helene Carton Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Elizabeth Case Graduate Student 109F Oceanography
Miranda Cashman Graduate Student 104 Geoscience
Tess Caswell Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8345 230C Seismology
Patricia H. Catanzaro Draftsman 1 (845) 365-8515 436 Comer
Carmine Cavaliere Assistant Mechanic (845) 365-8600 Physical Plant
Guido Cervone Adjunct Research Scientist (814) 863-0179 Penn State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
Tricia Chai-Onn Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8963 204 Geoscience
Damon Chaky Adjunct Research Scientist (718) 636-3762 Dept of Math & Science View Website
Clara Chang Graduate Student 61 Route 9W
Sophie Charvet Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8868 119A Marine Biology
Dale N. Chayes Senior Staff Associate - Lamont Res Eng (845) 365-8434 103A Instrument Lab View Website
Alexander Chekalyuk Adjunct Research Scientist 4 Marine Biology
Bai-Hao Chen Programmer/System Engineer (845) 365-8817 71 Geoinformatics
Dake Chen Special Research Scientist
Robert S. Chen Director (845) 365-8952 201 Geoscience View Website
Paolo Cherubini Adjunct Research Scientist (411) 739-2278 Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL)
Christine Chesley Graduate Student 305AA Oceanography
Steven N. Chillrud Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8893 201 Comer View Website
Xandre Marcel Chourio Lobato Staff Associate Monell 101
Nicholas Christie-Blick Professor (845) 365-8180 215A Seismology View Website
Winnie Chu Graduate Research Fellow Oceanography View Website
Miriam Cinquegrana Administrative Coordinator (845) 365-8546 211 Monell
Anna Cipriani Adjunct Associate Research Scientist +39-059-2058449 Universita degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia View Website
Elizabeth H. Clark Senior Research Staff Assistant (845) 365-8702 217 Comer
Cornelia Class Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8712 439 Comer
Amy Clement Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (305) 361-4846 RAMAS MPO
James R. Cochran Special Research Scientist (845) 365-8396 109C Oceanography
Genevieve Coffey Graduate Student Seismology View Website
Andrew Cohen Professor (845) 365-8196 206E Geoscience
Joel E. Cohen Adjunct Professor (212) 327-8883 1230 York Avenue, Box 20 View Website
Jennifer Cole Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (310) 287-4231 West Los Angeles College View Website
Roisin Commane Assistant Professor 207 Ocean
Lisa Connolly Purchasing/Inventory Asset Coordinator 845-365-8437 204 Administration
John Contino Senior Electronic Technician (845) 365-8520 56 Marine & Polar Technology Center
Molly Convery Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (845) 680-4463 118 Monell
Benjamin Cook Adjunct Associate Research Scientist View Website
Edward R. Cook Ewing Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8618 Tree Ring Lab
Sharon Cooper Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8362 105 Borehole
Jane (Liz) Corbett Postdoctoral Research Fellow (845) 365-8420 15 Geochemistry
Sylvia Isabel Cordero Polar Field Assistant 107D Oceanography
Alison Corley Lab Assistant (845) 365-8878 302 Comer
Marie-Helene Cormier Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Gustavo Correa Lead Systems Analyst/Programmer (845) 365-8911 103D Oceanography View Website
Anel Cortez Senior Project Coordinator (845) 365-8588 206 Administration
Remi Cousin Senior Staff Associate (845) 680-4422 110 Monell
Stephen Cox Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8481 125 Comer
Roger Creel Graduate Student 61 Route 9W
Timothy Creyts Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8368 305A Oceanography View Website
Timothy Crone Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8687 303D Oceanography View Website
Maxwell Cunningham Graduate Student (845) 365-8944 302B Oceanography
Enrique N. Curchitser Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (732) 932-6555 Rutgers Univ., Institute of Marine & Coastal Science
Lorelei Curtin Graduate Student 104 Geoscience
Ashley Curtis Senior Staff Associate (845) 680-4427 115A Monell
Katia de Avila Fernandes Associate Research Scientist 231 Monell
John Del Corral Senior Staff Associate (845) 680-4437 107 Monell
Antonio De Loatch Driver (845) 365-8864 Traffic
George H. Denton Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (207) 581-2193 Institute for Quaternary Sciences
Alexander M. De Sherbinin Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8936 200B Geoscience View Website
Sruti Devendran Senior Research Staff Assistant 72 Geoinformatics
Peter Diggle Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Dannie Dinh Program Officer (845) 680-4468 127 Monell
Tufa Dinku Research Scientist (845) 680-4525 102 Monell
Gina Dinnegan Administrative Coordinator (845) 365-8988 201 Geoscience
Rahel Diro Senior Staff Associate 138 Monell
Branko Djapic Lead Systems Network/Analyst Programmer (845) 365-8933 103 Geoscience
Ricardo Alexandre Dos Santos Ramalho Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 61 Route 9W
Robert R. Downs Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8985 202 Geoscience View Website
Liang Duan Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 217 Seismology
Denton S. Ebel Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (212) 769-8381 Dept. of Earth & Planetary Science
Nathalie Emami Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 104 Geoscience
Markus Christian Enenkel Postdoctoral Research Scientist 133C Monell
Gidon Eshel Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (413) 528-0771 Simon's Rock College of Bard
Michael N. Evans Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (301) 405-8763 View Website
Rija Faniriantsoa Staff Associate 202A Monell
Emma C. Farmer Adjunct Research Scientist (516) 463-5566 Hofstra University
Meghan Fay Senior Director of Development (845) 365-8500 218 Monell
Amy L. Ffield Adjunct Research Scientist (845) 353-1733
Alyssa Fico Senior Research Staff Assistant (845) 365-8986 203 Geoscience
Robert Finkel Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Francesco Fiondella Director of Communications (845) 680-4476 125 Monell
Emily Follansbee Graduate Student 61 Route 9W
John Furlow Deputy Director for Humanitarian and International Development (845) 680-4466 102 Monell
Monica Garcia Garcia Adjunct Research Scientist +1-458-191-0566 University of Copenhagen
Elisabeth Gawthrop Communication Officer (845) 680-4470 132 Monell
Annie C. Gerard Systems Analyst/Programmer Intermediate (845) 365-8953 103 Geoscience
Saleh A. Ghani Systems Analyst/Programmer Intermediate (845) 365-8979 103 Geoscience
Alessandra Giannini Research Scientist (845) 680-4473 109 Monell
Hezi Gildor Adjunct Associate Research Scientist P.O. Box 26
Sarah Giles Graduate Student 61 Route 9W
Yitzhak E. Gitelman Staff Associate (845) 365-8943 201 Geoscience
Lisa M Goddard Director (845) 680-4430 128 Monell View Website
Helen Greatrex Associate Research Scientist 138 Monell
Arthur M. Greene Research Scientist 121 Monell
Tatiana Gumucio Postdoctoral Research Scientist 133D Monell
Burke R Hales Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Alexander N. Halliday Director of the Earth Institute (845) 365-8391 Comer 105
John Halpin Major Gifts Officer (212) 851-0263 207 Monell
Eunjin Han Associate Research Scientist 228 Monell
Yong Ming Han Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
James W. Hansen Senior Research Scientist (845) 680-4410 123B Monell
Merlie P. Hansen Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8976 203 Geoscience
Winslow Hansen Postdoctoral Research Scientist Tree Ring Lab