Directory of Staff, Faculty, Students, and Affiliates (G)

Name Title Phone Main Email Office Location Website
Edward Garvey Lecturer 61 Route 9W - Pox 1000
Jesus Gaytan Senior Staff Associate II (845) 365-8367 102 Administration
Marina Gemma Graduate Student View Website
Saleh A. Ghani Systems Analyst (845) 365-8979 103 Geoscience
James Gibson Research Staff Assistant Geoscience
Sarah M Giles Graduate Student 201B Seismology
Yitzhak E. Gitelman Staff Associate I (845) 365-8943 201 Geoscience
Claudia F. Giulivi Senior Staff Associate II (845) 365-8576 202E Oceanography View Website
Emily Glazer Graduate Student (845) 365-8836 109E Oceanography
Lucas Gloege Postdoctoral Research Scientist Geoscience
Lisa M Goddard Senior Research Scientist (845) 680-4430 128 Monell View Website
Joaquim Goes Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8467 129 Marine Biology View Website
Aileen Goldberg Recruitment Specialist 845-365-8357 208A Adminstration
David S. Goldberg Deputy Director (845) 365-8674 211 Monell View Website
Steven L. Goldstein Associate Director - Geochemistry (845) 365-8787 213 Comer View Website
Helga Gomes Research Scientist (845) 365-8443 129 Marine Biology View Website
Carmen Gonzalez Romero Staff Associate III 202D Monell
Nathalie Goodkin Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Andrew Goodwillie Data Systems Manager (845) 365-8717 161 Geoinformatics Center
Arnold L. Gordon Professor (845) 365-8325 203 B Oceanography
Kevin Graaf Programmer Analyst 202C Monell
Celine Grall Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 208C Oceanography
Daniel Green Postdoctoral Research Scientist 105F Geoscience
Arthur M. Greene Research Scientist 121 Monell
Kevin L. Griffin Professor (845) 365-8371 128B Marine Biology View Website
Amanda Grossi Staff Associate II 202F Monell
Gilles Guerin Research Scientist (845) 365-8671 201B Borehole View Website
Michelle Guitard Postdoctoral Research Scientist 845-365-8189 104D Geoscience