Directory of Staff, Faculty, Students, and Affiliates (L)

Name Title Phone Main Email Office Location Website
Ching-Yao Lai Postdoctoral Research Scientist 109D Oceanography
Karen Lai Financial Analyst (845) 365-8772 Monell 222
Anita Lam-Wright Administrative Assistant (845) 680-4468 126 Monell
Jonathan Lambert Graduate Student 104 Geoscience
Jennifer Lamp Associate Research Scientist (845) 365-8435 137 Comer
Ed Landing Adjunct Research Scientist
Willem Landman Adjunct Research Scientist
Mark Landow Master
Scott LaPoint Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 128 Marine Biology
Tierney Larson Graduate Student 216 Seismology
Nathan Laxague Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8696 204B Oceanography View Website
Anela Layugan Senior Research Staff Assistant 202 Geoscience
Chia-Ying Lee Lamont Assistant Research Professor (845) 365-8752 104A Oceanography View Website
Donna Lee Associate Research Scientist 104A Oceanography
Jenny Lee Administrative Assistant (845) 365-8574 203C Oceanography
Michelle Lee Graduate Student
Kerstin A. Lehnert Doherty Senior Research Scientist (845) 365-8506 174 Geoinformatics Center
Caroline Leland Graduate Student (845) 365-8517 Tree Ring Lab
Nathan Lenssen Graduate Student
David C. Lentrichia Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8378 114C Seismology View Website
Jean Leote Program Manager (845) 365-8738 205D Geoscience
Chiara Lepore Associate Research Scientist (845) 680-4515 103 Monell
Christopher Lepre Research Staff Assistant (845) 365-8521 102A Paleomagnetic
Arthur L. Lerner-Lam Deputy Director (845) 365-8348 211 Monell
Corey Lesk Graduate Student
Jerrod Lessel Staff Associate 143B Monell
Peter Letourneau Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 206F Geoscience View Website
Einat Lev Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8616 108L Seismology View Website
Anders Levermann Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 109D Oceanography View Website
Mathieu Levesque Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (845) 365-8517 Tree Ring Lab
Jessica Levinson Administrative Assistant (845) 365-8384 9 OBS
Marc A. Levy Deputy Director (845) 365-8964 201 Geoscience
Camille Li Adjunct Research Scientist
Cuihua Li Intermediate Systems Analyst/Programmer (845) 365-8903 201A Oceanography
Haiqin Li Associate Research Scientist (845) 680-4474 218 Monell
Peter Liljegren Marine Development and Technician (845) 365-8805 9 OBS
Braddock Linsley Lamont Research Professor (845 365-8306 104E Geoscience View Website
Geneva List Staff Associate 105 Monell
Haibo Liu Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8486 201C Oceanography
Na Liu Adjunct Research Scientist
Tanzhuo Liu Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8630 208 Borehole
Andrew Lloyd Postdoctoral Research Scientist 201F Seismology
Caitlin Dieck Locke Senior Research Staff Assistant 845-365-8836 109 E Oceanography Building
Brice Loose Adjunct Associate Research Scientist University of Rhode Island
Angela LoPiccolo Facilities Engineer (845) 365-8195 Administration Room #107
Anna LoPresti Staff Associate
Chi-Huei Lu Jr. Web Developer (845) 680-4515 202B Monell
Sarah Ludwig Graduate Student 207E Oceangraphy
Elisa V. Lukang Staff Associate (845) 365-8974 202 Geoscience
Abby Lunstrum Graduate Student (845) 365-8660 127 Comer
Rachel Lupien Postdoctoral Research Scientist (443) 415-1084 105F Geoscience View Website
Boaz Luz Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Bradfield Lyon Adjunct Research Scientist