Directory of Staff, Faculty, Students, and Affiliates (P)

Name Title Phone Main Email Office Location Website
Linda Pagliaroli Grants Coordinator (845) 365-8942 201 Geoscience
Cheryl Palm Senior Research Scientist (845) 680-4462 Lamont Hall
Larry Palumbo Assistant Manager of Facilities (845) 365-8601 Physical Plant
Stanislav Parez Postdoctoral Research Fellow 108L Seismology
Jae Hun Park Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Mahdad Parsi Director of Research Computing and Campus Infrastructure (845) 365-8698 114A Seismology
Madeleine Pascolini-Campbell Graduate Student (845) 365-8666 106F Oceanography
Frank Pascuzzi Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer (845) 365-8960 110 Geoscience
Mary Pasquince Executive Assistant (845) 680-4452 2G Lamont Hall
Sandra Passchier Adjunct Research Scientist
Michael J. Passow Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (201) 871-0846 274 Knickerbocker Road View Website
Arthur Pate Postdoctoral Research Scientist 202C Seismology View Website
Minal Patel Program Manager (845) 365-8970 202 Geoscience
Angelica Patterson Graduate Student 101G Paleomagnetics
Frank Pavia Graduate Student (845) 365-8572 427 Comer View Website
Ethan Peck Frontiers of Science Lecturer in Discipline 206E Oceanography
Neil Pederson Adjunct Assistant Professor View Website
Stephen Pekar Adjunct Associate Research Scientist View Website
Carly Peltier Graduate Student (845) 365-8734 235 Comer
Leopoldo Pena Lamont Assistant Research Professor
Kimberly Peng Staff Associate (845) 365-8709 2H Lamont Hall
Emilie Perge Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8709 2H Lamont Hall
Clement Perrin Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8345 230C Seismilogy View Website
Richard S. Perry Staff Associate (845) 365-8563 133 Comer
Dorothy M. Peteet Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (845) 365-8420 15 Geochemistry
Stephanie Pfirman Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (845) 365-8475 109D Oceanography
David Phelan Program Coordinator (845) 365-8565 207 Monell
Sam Phelps Graduate Student (845) 365-8727 104 Geoscience
Belle Philibosian Frontiers of Science Lecturer in Discipline (845) 365-8331 302C Oceanography
Rebecca Pian Graduate Student
Miguel Angel Pinedo-Vasquez Research Scientist 122 Monell
Alfonse Pinto Programmer (845) 365-8981 203 Geoscience
Linda Pistolesi Staff Associate (845) 365-8799 204 Geoscience
Masha Pitiranggon Staff Associate (845) 365-8649 221 Comer
Walter C. Pitman III Special Research Scientist (845) 365-8397 117 Oceanography
Terry A. Plank Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor (845) 365-8410 411 Comer View Website
Pratigya Polissar Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8400 210 Geoscience View Website
Lorenzo M. Polvani Professor (845) 365-8347 207A Oceanography View Website
Catherine Pomposi Graduate Research Fellow 143 Monell View Website
Kim Popendorf Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (305) 421 4229 University of Miami Rosentiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science View Website
David Porter Associate Research Scientist (845) 365-8183 109B Oceanography
Bristol Powell Senior Research Staff Assistant 105C Monell
Michael Previdi Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8631 213 Oceanography
Thomas J. Protus Sr. Senior Electronic Technician (845) 365-8314 BO6/B08 Comer
Julie Pullen Adjunct Research Scientist
Sarah Purkey Postdoctoral Research Scientist 845) 365-8338 202C Oceanography View Website
Aaron Putnam Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (207) 581- 2196 University of Maine