Ocean and Climate Physics Directory of Staff, Faculty, Students, and Affiliates

Name Title 1 Phone Main Email Address Website
Jamie Harrison Postdoctoral Research Scientist jharrison@ldeo.columbia.edu 306C Oceanography
Mona Hemmati Postdoctoral Research Scientist mhemmati@ldeo.columbia.edu 207B Oceanography
Naomi Henderson Research Scientist naomi@ldeo.columbia.edu 106D Oceanography
Rebecca Herman Graduate Student rebecca.herman@ldeo.columbia.edu 105F Oceanography
Spencer Hill Adjunct Associate Research Scientist shill@ldeo.columbia.edu 207B Oceanography View Website
Lindsay Hogan Graduate Student lhogan@ldeo.columbia.edu 204F Oceanography
Radley Horton Lamont Research Professor hortonr@ldeo.columbia.edu 106B Oceanography View Website
Huei-Ping Huang Adjunct Associate Research Scientist hh2110@columbia.edu