Seismology Geology and Tectonophysics Directory of Staff, Faculty, Students, and Affiliates

Name Title 1 Phone Main Email Address Website
Geoffrey A. Abers Adjunct Senior Research Scientist Seismology View Website
Einat Aharonov Adjunct Research Scientist
John Armbruster Casual (845) 365-8556 103 Seismology
Jacqueline Austermann Assistant Professor (845) 365-8971 223 Seismology View Website
Cedric Bellis Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Janine Birnbaum Graduate Student
Bonnie J. Bonkowski Division Administrator - Seismology Geology and Tectonophysics (845) 365-8522 109 Seismology
Nina Castro Research Assistant 102 Seismology
Nicholas Christie-Blick Professor (845) 365-8180 215A Seismology View Website
Genevieve Coffey Graduate Student Seismology View Website
Marie-Helene Cormier Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Roger Creel Graduate Student
Colleen Dalton Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (617) 358-5433 Boston University, Dept. of Earth Sciences
James Davis Associate Director (845) 365-8425 213 Seismology View Website
Michael DeLuca Graduate Student 217 Seismology
Göran Ekström Professor (845) 365-8427 108I Seismology View Website
Sarah M Giles Graduate Student 201B Seismology
Mitchell Gold Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8583 202 Seismology
William Hawley Postdoctoral Research Fellow 201I Seismology
Mark Hoggard Postdoctoral Research Scientist 61 Route 9W
Mark Hoggard Postdoctoral Research Scientist 61 Route 9W
Andrew Hollyday Graduate Student 201A Seismology
Ben Holtzman Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8382 220 Seismology View Website
Klaus H. Jacob Special Research Scientist (845) 365-8440 214A Seismology View Website
Steven Kidder Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Won-Young Kim Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8387 205 Seismology View Website
Theodore A. Koczynski Staff Associate (845) 365-8559 101 Seismology
Mikhail G. Kogan Special Research Scientist (845) 704-2520 230A Seismology
Howard Koss Research Staff Assistant (845) 365-8435 108H Seismology
Ed Landing Adjunct Research Scientist
Einat Lev Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8616 108G Seismology View Website
Jessica Levinson Administrative Assistant 9 OBS
Peter Liljegren Marine Development and Technician (845) 365-8805 5 OBS
Andrew Lloyd Postdoctoral Research Scientist 201F Seismology
Walter A. Masterson Marine Development and Technician (845) 365-8114 104 OBS Lab
Christine McCarthy Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8713 113 Seismology View Website
Patrick McGovern Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 108E Seismology
William H. Menke Professor (845) 304-5381 203 Seismology View Website
Meredith Nettles Professor (845) 365-8613 201H Seismology View Website
Tarje Nissen-Meyer Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Paul G. Richards Special Research Scientist (845) 365-8389 225 Seismology
Sara Robinson GRG Administrative Officer (845) 365-8476 173 Geoinformatics
Joshua Russell Graduate Student 201A Seismology View Website
Seth Saltiel Postdoctoral Research Scientist 201F Seismology View Website
Theresa Sawi Graduate Student
David Schaff Lamont Associate Research Professor 230B Seismology View Website
Kaylee Secor Administrative Assistant (845) 365-8318 Seismology
Leonardo Seeber Special Research Scientist (845) 323-7100 227 Seismology
Bruce E. Shaw Lamont Research Professor 111 Seismology View Website
Robert Skarbek Associate Research Scientist (845) 365-8337 201G Seismology View Website
Marc W. Spiegelman Professor 108K Seismology View Website
Grigory Steblov Adjunct Research Scientist Russian Academy Of Sci
Aaron Stubblefield Graduate Student
Danielle Sumy Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Lynn R. Sykes Higgins Professor Emeritus (845) 365-8880 202D Seismology View Website
Felix Waldhauser Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8538 221 Seismology View Website
Spahr C. Webb Jerome M. Paros/Lamont Research Professor of Observational Physics (845) 365-8439 107 Seismology View Website
Renata Wentzcovitch Professor (845) 365-8741 121 Seismology
Jingyi Zhuang Graduate Student 116 Seismology