Directory of Staff, Faculty, Students, and Affiliates

Director's Office

Maureen E. Raymo, Interim Director

Arthur Lerner-Lam, Deputy Director

Nicole deRoberts, Executive Assistant

Media Contacts

Kevin Krajick, Senior Editor, Science News

Marie DeNoia Aronsohn, Director of Strategic Communications

Divisional Contacts

Biology & Paleo Environment Geochemistry Marine Geology & Geophysics Ocean & Climate Physics Seismology, Geology & Tectonophysics

Name Title Phone Main Email Office Location Website
Sylvia Isabel Cordero Polar Field Assistant 107D Oceanography
Marie-Helene Cormier Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Gustavo Correa Lead Systems Analyst/Programmer (845) 365-8911 103D Oceanography View Website
Anel Cortez Senior Project Coordinator (845) 365-8588 206 Administration
Fabien Cottier Postdoctoral Research Scientist 306C Oceanography
Stephen Cox Associate Research Scientist (845) 365-8537 135 Comer
Roger Creel Graduate Student
Timothy Creyts Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8368 305A Oceanography View Website
Timothy Crone Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8687 303D Oceanography View Website
William D'Andrea Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8654 105D Geoscience View Website
Rosanne D'Arrigo Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8617 Tree Ring Lab
Colleen Dalton Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (617) 358-5433 Boston University, Dept. of Earth Sciences
Robert Daly Assistant Manager of Facilities (845) 365-8718 Traffic
Indrani Das Lamont Associate Research Professor (845) 365-8334 108A Oceanography
Emilie Dassie Postdoctoral Research Scientist (518) 210-6702 Geoscience View Website
Joshua Davenport Night Supervisor (Custodial and Security) (845) 365-8418 105 Administration
Nicole K. Davi Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (201)446-8417 Tree Ring Lab View Website
James Davis Associate Director (845) 365-8425 213 Seismology View Website
Frankely DeLeon Accountant (845) 365-8352 202 Administration
Maegan DeLessio Graduate Student Oceanography
Michael DeLuca Graduate Student 217 Seismology
Peter B. deMenocal Professor (845) 365-8483 207 Geoscience View Website
Gary Dermakardijian Accounts Payable Assistant (845) 365-8431 202 Administration
Nicole deRoberts Executive Assistant (845) 365-8729 211 Monell
Virginia Diblasi-Morris Senior Research Staff Assistant (845) 365-8667 105C Oceanography
Shuo Ding Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8401 117 Comer
Laurel DiSera Graduate Student 143 Monell
Ling Ling Dong Staff Associate (845) 365-8836/8679 109E Oceanography
Hayley Drennon Senior Research Staff Assistant 175 Geoinformatics Center
Hugh Ducklow Professor (845) 365-8167 208 Geoscience
Solange Duhamel Adjunct Research Scientist 116B Marine Biology View Website
Oana-Alexandra Dumitru Postdoctoral Research Scientist 104 Geoscience
Pierre Dutrieux Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 845-365-8393 205B Oceanography View Website
Kuheli Dutt Assistant Director of Academic Affairs and Diversity (845) 365-8603 218 Monell View Website
Sonya Dyhrman Associate Professor (845) 365-8165 102E Geoscience View Website
Jean Economos Division Administrator (845) 365-8518 203D Oceanography
Göran Ekström Professor (845) 365-8427 108I Seismology View Website
Tyler Ellis Senior Research Staff Assistant (845) 365-8695 127 Comer
Wanda Espinal Administrative Assistant (845) 365-8990 101 Administration
Alexander Evans Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8337 201G Seismology View Website
Giulietta Fargion Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 123 Marine Biology
Amanda Fay Senior Staff Associate
Vicki Ferrini Senior Research Scientist (845) 365-8339 175 Geoinformatics Center
David Figueroa Applications Developer (845) 365-8758 69 Geoinformatics
Arlene M. Fiore Professor (845) 365-8580 207D Oceanography View Website
Philip Fitzpatrick Intermediate Systems and Network Analyst/Programmer (845) 365-8303 112D Seismology
Sara Flanagan Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 425 Comer
Martin Q. Fleisher Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8632 233 Comer
Emily Follansbee Graduate Student 107 Comer
Will Fortin Associate Research Scientist (845) 365-8682 201 Borehole View Website
Nicholas Frearson Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8841 107B Oceanography
David Funkhouser Writer/Content Manger (212) 854-8050 The Earth Institute at Columbia University
Vilma R. Gallagher Senior Project Manager 212-854-9745 Hogan Hall, B-109
Marina Gemma Graduate Student View Website
James Gibson Graduate Student 302D Oceanography
Sarah M Giles Graduate Student 201B Seismology
Claudia F. Giulivi Senior Staff Associate II (845) 365-8576 202E Oceanography View Website
Lucas Gloege Postdoctoral Research Scientist Geoscience
John Goddard Senior Marine Technician 114 Comer
Joaquim Goes Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8467 129 Marine Biology View Website
Mitchell Gold Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8583 202 Seismology
Aileen Goldberg Recruitment Specialist 845-365-8357 208A Adminstration
David S. Goldberg Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8674 109 Borehole View Website
Steven L. Goldstein Associate Director - Geochemistry (845) 365-8787 213 Comer View Website
Helga Gomes Research Scientist (845) 365-8443 129 Marine Biology View Website
Andrew Goodwillie Data Systems Manager (845) 365-8717 161 Geoinformatics Center
Arnold L. Gordon Professor (845) 365-8325 203 B Oceanography View Website
Celine Grall Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 208C Oceanography
Kevin L. Griffin Professor (845) 365-8371 128B Marine Biology View Website
Laura Gruenburg Graduate Student 202A Oceanography
Gilles Guerin Research Scientist (845) 365-8671 201B Borehole View Website
Chloe Gustafson Postdoctoral Research Scientist 302B Oceanography
Helen Habicht Staff Associate (845) 365-8189 104D Geoscience
Sheean Haley Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8166 102D Geoscience View Website
Jean Hanley Research Staff Assistant (845) 365-8926 421 Comer
Kristine Harding Administrative Aide (845) 365-8591 206 Administration
Ryan Harris Mechanical Engineer (845) 365-8436 Instrument Lab
Jamie Harrison Postdoctoral Research Scientist 306C Oceanography
William Hawley Postdoctoral Research Fellow 201I Seismology
James D. Hays Professor Emeritus (845) 365-8403 104 Core Lab
N. Gary Hemming Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (845) 365-8417 413 Comer
Sidney R. Hemming Professor and Chair (845) 365-8417 413 Comer View Website
Naomi Henderson Research Scientist 106D Oceanography
Rebecca Herman Graduate Student 105F Oceanography
Sean Higgins Director - Office of Marine Operations (845) 365-8528 102 Administration
Spencer Hill Postdoctoral Research Scientist 207B Oceanography View Website
Sophia Hines Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845)365-8401 117 Comer View Website
Monica Hinojosa Administrative Assistant (845) 365-8482 106 Geoscience
Nina Hitchings Education & Outreach Coordinator (845) 680-4469 226 Monell
David T. Ho Adjunct Senior Research Scientist View Website
Karen Hoffer Manager (845) 365-8404 204 Administration
Sharon Hoffmann Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Susan Holgate Corporate Engagement Manager (845) 365-8599 227 Monell
Andrew Hollyday Graduate Student 201A Seismology
Ben Holtzman Lamont Research Professor (845) 365-8382 220 Seismology View Website
Bärbel Hönisch Professor (845) 365-8828 229 Comer View Website
Radley Horton Lamont Research Professor 106B Oceanography View Website
Shamima Hossain Administrative Assistant (845) 365-8336 305E Oceanography
Shima Hossein Abadi Postdoctoral Research Scientist (845) 365-8355 303F Oceanography View Website
Shineng Hu Postdoctoral Research Scientist 301F Oceanography
Abby Kavner Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (310) 825-1055 Los Angeles Geology Department
Colin Kelley Associate Research Scientist (845) 680-4463 118 Monell
Igor Khomyakov Systems Analyst/Programmer (845) 680-4416 113D Monell
Steven Kidder Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Paola Kim Blanco Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8950 202 Geoscience
Roger Keith Kjelgren Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (435) 797 2972 Utah State University
Andrew Kruczkiewicz Senior Staff Associate Researcher 105 Monell
Nyi Nyi Kyaw Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Anita Lam-Wright Administrative Coordinator (845) 680-4468 126 Monell
Ed Landing Adjunct Research Scientist
Willem Landman Adjunct Research Scientist
Anela Layugan Senior Research Staff Assistant 202 Geoscience
Chia-Ying Lee Lamont Assistant Research Professor (845) 365-8752 104A Oceanography View Website
Donna Lee Associate Research Scientist 104A Oceanography
Christopher Lepre Research Staff Assistant (845) 365-8521 102A Paleomagnetic
Jerrod Lessel Staff Associate 143B Monell
Anders Levermann Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 109D Oceanography View Website
Marc A. Levy Deputy Director (845) 365-8964 201 Geoscience
Camille Li Adjunct Research Scientist
Haiqin Li Associate Research Scientist (845) 680-4474 218 Monell
Geneva List Staff Associate 105 Monell
Na Liu Adjunct Research Scientist
Brice Loose Adjunct Associate Research Scientist University of Rhode Island
Chi-Huei Lu Jr. Web Developer (845) 680-4515 202B Monell
Elisa V. Lukang Staff Associate (845) 365-8974 202 Geoscience
Boaz Luz Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Bradfield Lyon Adjunct Research Scientist
Malka L. Machlus Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 216 Seismology
Maurice A Mack Driver (845) 365-8864 Traffic
Kytt MacManus Programmer (845) 365-8939 103 Geoscience
Max Maerman Staff Associate II Monell
Brian Mailloux Adjunct Research Scientist
Charles W. Mandeville Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (212) 769-5380 Dept. of Earth & Planetary Science
Gilma Mantilla Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (845) 680-4501 115 A Monell
Tinah Voahangy Martin Staff Associate II 845-365-8838 160 Geoinformatics
Juan Martinez Research Staff Assistant 103 Geoscience
Simon J. Mason Senior Research Scientist (845) 680-4514 232 Monell View Website
Max Mauerman Staff Associate II Monell
Patrick McGovern Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 214C Seismology
Dara Mendeloff Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8957 203 Geoscience
Ira Messer Manager, Business Operations (845) 680-4428 130A Monell
Stephen Meyers Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Mairead Milan Research Staff Assistant 103 Geoscience
Andrew Miller Manager Finance and Administration (845) 680-4454 2G Lamont Hall
Jane Mills Staff Associate (845) 365-8683 203 Geoscience
Tomoaki Morishita Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Margaret Morrone Administrative Assistant (845) 365-8600 Physical Plant
Lisa Muenichsdorfer Associate Director, Finance and Administration (845) 365-8954 201 Geoscience
Angel Munoz Associate Research Scientist (845) 680-4453 228 Monell
Vadlamani Murty Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 203E Oceanography
Baatarbileg Nachin, Dr Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (976) 77307730 xt 3100 Dean, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences View Website
Tarje Nissen-Meyer Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Gloriose Nsengiyumva Staff Associate 133 Monell
Judith Omumbo Adjunct Research Scientist
Chisimdi Onwuteaka Communication Officer (845) 365-8946 Geoscience 202E
Benjamin Orlove Senior Research Scientist 116 Monell
Daniel Osgood Research Scientist (845) 680-4461 220 Monell
Souha Ouna Staff Associate II Monell
Linda Pagliaroli Grants Coordinator (845) 365-8942 201 Geoscience
Jae Hun Park Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Frank Pascuzzi Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer (845) 365-8960 110 Geoscience
Sandra Passchier Adjunct Research Scientist
Michael J. Passow Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (201) 871-0846 274 Knickerbocker Road View Website
Nirali Patel Finance Manager (845) 365-8944 200A Ciesin
Robert Pincus Adjunct Senior Research Scientist 61 Route 9W
Alfonse Pinto Programmer (845) 365-8981 103 Geoscience
Bristol Powell Staff Associate 138 Monell
Thomas J. Protus Sr. Senior Electronic Technician (845) 365-8314 BO6/B08 Comer
Julie Pullen Adjunct Research Scientist
Alex Radunsky Staff Associate (212) 854-4190 Suite 401
Andrew Robertson Senior Research Scientist (845) 680-4491 230 Monell
Alison Rose Program Manager (845) 680-4438 123 Monell
Rick Russotto Postdoctoral Research Scientist 207B Oceanography
Rowan Sage Adjunct Senior Research Scientist (416) 978- 7660 University of Toronto
Lori Scally Manager of Finance (845) 680-4434 129 Monell
Joylnn Schmidt Project Manager - Data Lead 845-365-8904 203 Geoscience
Emilie Schnarr Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8913 203 Geoscience
Joachim A. Schumacher Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8969 202 Geoscience
John N. Scialdone Senior Staff Associate (845) 365-8978 203 Geoscience
Jeffrey Shaman Professor 116 Monell
John G. Shepherd Adjunct Senior Research Scientist Earth System Modelling In Empress Dock
Drew T. Shindell Lecturer (212) 678-5605 2880 Broadway View Website
Asher Siebert Postdoctoral Research Scientist 132 Monell
Margit Simon Adjunct Associate Research Scientist (845) 365-8927 435 Comer
Bohar Singh Associate Research Scientist 223 Monell
Raymond Slavin Speciality Mechanic (845) 365-8600 Physical Plant
Johanna Snell Program Manager 202 Geoscience
Corey Sobel Technical Writer 202E Geoscience
Olga Solomina Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Eric Soto Mechanic (845) 365-8600 Physical Plant
John Squires Staff Associate (845) 365-8466 204 Geoscience
Grigory Steblov Adjunct Research Scientist Russian Academy Of Sci
Scott Stine Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
David Strom Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer (845) 365-8938 103B Geoscience
Kevin Sullivan Speciality Mechanic (845) 365-8600 Physical Plant
Danielle Sumy Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Elisabeth Sydor Publications Coordinator (845) 365-8937 203 Geoscience
Yohana Tesfamariam Tekeste Staff Associate 113 Monell
Michael K. Tippett Research Scientist (845) 680-4420 221 Monell
Richard Trubiroha Mechanic (845) 365-8600 Physical Plant