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Earthquake Prediction


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Background information:

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Scientific Papers: Loma Prieta

excerpts from: Plafker, G. and Galloway, J. P., 1989. Lessons learned from the Loma Prieta, California, Earthquake of October 17, 1989. Washington, DC, US Govt Printing Office, 49 pp.

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Popular Articles: Loma Prieta

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-------------------------earthquake October 17, 1989 --------------------------------------

------------------------ immediate response articles ----------------------------------------

Blakeslee, S., 1989, Area of Quake was pegged as risky, New York Times, p. A23:2, 18 Oct 1989.

Blakeslee, S., 1989, Geologists track quake to predict future risk, Times, p. B14, 19 Oct 1989.

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Sullivan, W., 1989, Bigger one is believed still ahead, Times, p. B14, 19 Oct 1989.

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Morrow, L., 1989. When the earth cracks open, in Time. 30 Oct 89. p. 100.

staff, 1989. After the Shock, in Newsweek. 30 Oct 89. p. 22-27.

staff, 1989. Bracing for the Big One, in Newsweek. 30 Oct 89. p. 28-33.

staff, 1989. Designed for Survival, in Newsweek. 30 Oct 1989. p. 34-37.

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--------------------------- later articles ----------------------------------------------------

Nash, J. M. and Wyss, D., 1989. Is California worth the risk?, in Time. Nov. 6, 1989. p. 18-20.

Trippett, F., 1989. Is Los Angeles next?, in Time. Nov. 6, 1989. p. 24.

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anon., 1990. Broadcast Warning: Did radio waves portend the Loma Prieta quake?, in Scientific American. March 1990. p. 27-28.

anon, 1991. Unfaithful Geyser, in Discover. July 1991. p. 8.

---------------- public service information ----------------------------------------------------

Ward, P. and Page, R. A., 1989. The Loma Prieta Earthquake of October 17, 1989. U. S. Geological Survey, 16 pp.


Scientific Papers: New Madrid

excerpts from: Fuller, M. L., 1912. The New Madrid Earthquake. U.S. Gov't. Printing Office, Washington, D.C., pp.

excerpts from: The Ad Hoc Working Group on the December 2-3, 1., Earthquake Prediction,, 1990, "Evaluation of the December 2-3, 1990, New Madrid Seismic Zone Prediction,"


Popular Articles: New Madrid

Thenhaus, P. C., 1990. Perpectives on Earthquake Hazards in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, Missouri. In: ?? (Ed.), Earthquakes and Volcanos. U. S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA, pp. 4-21. (book written for a lay audience, published just before I. Browning prediction)

------------ national coverage, pre-prediction date ------------------------------------

Nash, J. M., 1990. Wake Up, East and Midwest, in Time. Oct 8, 1990. p. 79-80.

Schwartz, J., 1990. Quake, Rattle and Roll, in Newsweek. Oct 29, 1990. p. 40.

Gliatto, T., 1990. New Madrid, Mo., prays that a dire prediction proves faulty, in People Weekly. Dec 3, 1990. p. 113-116.

------------ blow by blow coverage -----------------------------------------------------

Results of search of on-line Newspaper Abstracts for "su:New Madrid AND earthquake"

1990 St. Louis Post-Dispatch (taken as representative of local coverage):

- July 14: Prediction for Big Quake Attacked

- July 21: Quake Prediction Taken Seriously

- Sept 30: A Quake on Dec 3? Don't Bet the Farm (editorial)

- Oct 18: Shake-up: Quake Prediction Denounced

- Oct 19: Scientists Rip Record of Earthquake Predictor

- Oct 21: He calls it 'A Fact' State's Quake Expert Believes in Psychic Phenomena valid

- Oct 30: Panel analyzes Browning record

- Nov 16: Quake forecaster now predicting Depression

- Nov 17: Shake, Rattle 'n' Dollar Rolls (editorial)

- Dec 4: (day of prediction) Seismography: All is Quiet on the Expert Front

- Dec 4: Nothing Shaking: Schools, Shopping Centers have Slow Day

- Dec 4: Pressing On: New Madrid Ready for Media to Leave

- Dec 5: New Madrid Shakes Off its Invaders

- Dec 6: 5-Day Period Set for Quake Ends Quietly


1990 New York Times (taken as representative of national coverage)

- Aug 20: Midwest Quake is Predicted; Talk is Real

- Sep 27: Earthquake Rattles Missouri, Reminding Residents of a Prediction

- Dec 1: In Quake Zone, a Forecast Sets Off Tremors

- Dec 4: Waiting for the Big One (editorial)

- Dec 4: In New Madrid, Crowds for Quake that Wasn't

----------------- post prediction analysis ---------------------------------------

Shipman, M., Fowler, G. and Shain, R., 1993. Media coverage of the Browning Prediction. Int. Jour. Mass Emergencies and Disasters, 11: 379-389.

Bazell, R., 1990. A Little Shaky, in The New Republic. Dec 10, 1990. p. 16-17.

Cowen, R. C., 1990, Not Even Once in a Blue Moon, Christian Science Monitor, p. 12, Dec 19, 1990.

Frazier, K., 1991. The Iben Browning Quake-Prediction Flap: Lessons Linger, in The Skeptical Inquirer. p. 229.

Stix, G., 1991. Future Shock: Fear of the "Big One" fules sales of insurance and velcro, in Scientific American. January 1991. p. 111.


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