Case Studies in Earth & Environmental Science Journalism

Evolution, Creationism & Curriculum.



Session 1: Evolution and Creationism, in general.

Session 2:

1999 Kansas decision to remove evolution from state education standards
2002 Debate on introducing Intelligent Design into Ohio state education

Session 3: Guest Scientist: O. Roger Anderson, Lamont & Teachers College.

Questions to Ponder and Discuss



Background information:

Genesis, 1-11, The Bible.

Darwin, Charles, The Origin of the Species, Introduction;  Chapter 4, Natural Selection; and Chapter 14, Recapitulation and Conclusion.

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Technical Articles concerning aspects of Creationism


World-wide Web Materials: General Evolution/Creation

Selected Readings from:


Teaching of Evolution/Creationism in General: Popular Writings

Creation Ex Nihilo magazine, March-May 1996 issue, selected articles:

     • Grand Canyon: Monument to the world-wide Flood

     • Volcanoes Surprise Message: Rocks do not take millions of years to form

     • The case of the 31 Iguandons

     • Weird and Wonderful Clownfish

     • God doesn’t need TIME

     • Ernst Haeckle: Evangelist for evolution and apostle of deceit., by Russell Grigg

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The Why Files: Can Science Conquer Kansas, posted 27 Sept. 1999.

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Kansas Decision: Popular Articles from the local press

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Kansas Decisions: Popular Articles from the national press

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Dover, Pennsylvania Background, Context & Documents

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Mapquest: Dover Map

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Dover Pennsylvania: Popular Articles

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Maldonado, Joseph,  2004,  Book is focus of more debate, York Daily Record, August 4, 2004.

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