Case Studies in Earth & Environmental Science Journalism

Zebra Mussel Invasion.


Questions to Ponder and Discuss

A BIG GENERAL THEME: Keep in mind this and the shark study. What are the positive and negative effects of 'scare tactics' employed by journalists/environmentalists/industry etc? What might be more effective? How can we responsibly depict issues in which data is often absent, scarce, anecdotal, or in flux, without feeding distrust of the scientific community? Also, in this study, do you think any of the authors play on what might be the general xenophobia of the public? What about the general fascination with apocalyptic events? How might these effect actions?

IN THE END: Who is more convincing, the apocalypse prophesiers, or those who consider the issue to be overstated? Sit back for a second. In what priority level would you rank zebra mussel control compared to, say, gathering shark attack data? ANWR? Exploring Europa? Funding public schools?..etc. etc. How can we work to make readers able to categorize a problem appropriately? Why was that attempt often failed at with regard to sharks? In the end, where is the zebra mussel problem in your mind, and what facts, stories, quotes most influenced your image of the issue?



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