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The Spotted Owl Debate.

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1973 Congress passed The Endangered Species Act.
1976 The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) began a national assessment of the health of the country's forests. During this undertaking the Spotted Owl first began to be evaluated and even considered as a possible indicator species.

Environmental groups campaign t o have the Spotted Owl listed as an Endangered Species.

Estimates of remaining old-growth forest range from 10% to 30%.

1988 Judge Zilly ruled that the government acted illegally by not listing the Spotted Owl as an Endangered Species.
1990 The Spotted Owl is listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Federal Judge Dwyer of Seattle issued a ruling that halted logging in designated owl habitat - totaling some 25 million acres.

The Bush administration placed restrictions on 11.6 million acres of forest, considered "critical habitat" in an effort to save the owl as an initial stage of a habitat protection plan. About 75% of the designated land was federal protection land.

1992 Clinton and Gore participate in the Forest Summit in Portland Oregon.

A three- judge panel of a D.C. circuit upheld, two to one, the interpretation of "harm" in the ESA to include habitat modification.

Judge Dwyer revokes his initial ruling and allows some logging under a Clinton administration compromise plan.


In March, the same three-judge panel as the previous year, reverses its decision on the interpretation of what it means "to harm". The vote was two to one.

The Interior Department rejects a bid to remove the Spotted Owl from the Endangered Species List.


Sweet Home vs. Babbitt (Supreme Court): At issue is the scope of the Department of the Interior's regulation that makes it illegal to harm endangered species by modifying its habitat.

Congress enacts an Emergency Salvage Timber Sale Program, which was designed to allow the collection of timber from forest fire areas, but also would allow some logging in areas where it had been banned due to the ESA. The program was sponsored by Sen. Slade Gorton of WA., R., and was supported by all but two senators.

1999 Judge Dwyer issues a decision that effectively blocked plans for logging about 100 million board feet of timber.



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