Case Studies in Earth & Environmental Science Journalism

Burn This? : The Waste-To-Energy Option for Managing NYC Trash.

Questions to Ponder and Discuss


  1. How do waste-to-energy (WTE) plants work? Why is materials recovery an important counterpart to a WTE plant? What is the difference between WTE technology and gasification technology?

  2. How much municipal solid waste does NYC produce each year? How is it currently dealt with, post-Fresh Kills closure?

  3. What are the environmental and health concerns surrounding trash incineration and waste-to-energy plants?

  4. For what other reasons beyond incinerator emissions might residents oppose the siting of a waste-to-energy plant in their community?

  5. Landfills also have environmental and health costs. What are they? How have these costs been increased with the closing of the Fresh Kills landfill?

  6. What are the economic arguments for and against incineration for NYC?


  1. Would you report on the release of the Columbia University analysis on its own? How would you cover it? What information, angles does the report present that news accounts did not pick up on?

  2. From Fat of the Land and older articles, it is obvious that incineration, and even waste-to-energy plants, are not a new proposal for dealing with NYC waste and that it has been highly controversial in the past.

  3. From the Fat of the Land, what role did the media played in past debates over incineration and waste-to-energy plants? Do you see any of the same dynamics in the current articles?

  4. Do any popular articles press incinerator opponents about the environmental and economic costs of their proposed alternatives? How many articles look at all at the environmental costs of WTE in the context of its alternatives? Does this change the way the WTE option comes across?

  5. How does the Waste News article differ in its coverage of the same City Council hearing and press conference from the NY Daily News and NY Times?

  6. How do the two editorials on WTE and the City's waste management plan differ in their tone and argument?

  7. What is unusual about the Kloor City Limits article?


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