Hudson River Enterococci Study

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2006 Results

Summary of Findings

The EPA standard for a single sample maximum is 104 Colony Forming Units (104) per 100ml. The chart below contains the results of the samples gathered by the student groups on Snapshot Day. Of the samples collected only Fort Wadsworth, at the exit/entry of the Hudson River, and Steamboat Dock Park, Verplanck (RM 41) are below the listed EPA standard for single sample CFU. Samples collected at Habershaw Park (RM18) and Waryas Park (RM76 land) were the most elevated. Samples were collected at most sites on a flood tide, however if you refer to the tides page for 2006 you can determine the actual tide at the time of sampling (refer to the chart below for RM).

• It should be noted that there was considerable rain during the 24 hour period preceding the sampling event in 2006. This is an important fact to consider in reviewing the results.

Fort Wadsworth

Fort Wadsorth

Gowanus Canal Red Hook
129th St. Outfall Suzanne collected
Habershaw Park RM 18
Steamboat RM 41
Long Dock RM 61E
Waryas Park RM 76 (land)
Ulster Landing RM 96.5
Green Island RM 153

Please note this is preliminary data for educational purposes and is not intended for use as scientific research data.

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